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California Governor Newsome Has Deployed His Private Army to Ukraine In An Attempt to Destroy Crimin

As the American version of the Bolsheviks (ie the Democrats) gear up for violent insurrection in the face of a pending 2020 election defeat of Biblical proportions, the most formidable armed resistance will not happen in Virginia, it will be on the “LEFT Coast” in California. However, before violent insurrection commences, the Democrats have one more card to play. They need to force a regime change in Ukraine so they can bury the evidence against them that could come out in a Senate Impeachment hearing. This is why Pelosi is hanging onto the articles of impeachment.

Please allow me to introduce you to the California State Military Reserve (CSMR). It has been in existence since 1846. This little-known group provides California with a trained and organized military force in the event of a state security emergency when the National Guard is deployed. But what is the Guard is deployed against California officials? I could not find an answer to that question. The CSMR is a military entity authorized both by the California State Code and by Executive Order of the Governor of California.

Amazingly, the CSMR is involved in Ukraine. Possessing an understanding of the Logan Act, the CSMR and their legally prohibited role in Ukraine explains a lot about the motives for impeachment and the plans for California Democrats to commence a civil war.

It should be noted that I first learned about the CSMR from the President of New California, Paul Preston. He described it as a kind of secret army that answers only to the Governor of California. What Preston told me proved to be absolutely correct.

Who Makes Up the CSMR?

Conventional wisdom says that veterans comprise the backbone of this force. However, that is no longer guaranteed. I was able to learn that members have to purchase their own uniforms and membership is open. This is a critical variable that I will be exploring in the next part in this series. Think cartels and California based CHICOMS is what I am told off the record.

What Is the CSMR’s Mandate?

Provide an adequately trained and organized State military reserve force under the exclusive control of the Governor is the stated purpose. Has anyone asked why this organization even exists? Why shouldn’t the National Guard be in charge of all duties within the State of California? This makes not sense, whatsoever. And why does the CSMR only answer ONLY to the Governor as the mandate says “exclusive control”. There is the usual rhetoric about being ready for natural disasters and emergencies, but the phrase “under the exclusive control of the Governor”, bothers me greatly. The following is guaranteed to bother you greatly.

CSMR and Ukraine

The California-Ukraine SPP as I have discovered, is one of the most important and progressive partnerships within European Command. YES!!! The CSMR has been deployed to Ukraine and its through the SPP. In fact, it has operated on Ukrainian soil since 2013.

On the homepage of the California CSMR regarding their participation in Ukraine, it has a subtitle which boldly says “International Affairs” (see reference listing at the bottom of the article).

The Logan Act forbids anyone but the President and his appointees (eg State Department and Diplomats) from conducting business with foreign governments. A State can enter into a memo of understanding with a foreign entity (Article 1 Section 10 of the US Constitution), however, it can only be done with the express permission of Congress. California and Governor Newsome have not obtained that permission and as such, they are in violation of the Logan Act.

The nonsense and illegal rhetoric for the CSMR goes on to say that “Ukraine's size and strategic location make it one of the most influential countries in the region, thus making the CSMR a key factor in assisting Ukraine as it “develops it budding democracy”.Who are we kidding? This is the vehicle that carries the water for the illicit participation in businesses like Burisma by the California Democratic leadership (eg Schiff, Pelosi, Feinstein, etc). One month ago, I had a tip by Paul Preston that this was going on, now we have the smoking gun.

Paul Preston told me this afternoon that Hunter Biden is directly involved in the direct overthrow efforts against the Ukrainian government. A successful coup will indeed bury the evidence of criminal wrongdoing against the aforementioned Democrats.

This exercise in foreign policy law is about to get very interesting. The CSMR says that it desires to strengthen the principle of democracy and free market economies. As we know the Ukraine economy is one of the most corrupt on the planet. Why is the office of the Governor of California facilitating, directly or indirectly this corruption through the use of his personally controlled CSMR? And it is being done in violation of the Constitution?This fully explains why there must be an impeachment of President Trump, as the criminality must be concealed. Additionally, Trump was completely justified to delay the deployment of weapons systems based on these violations of the Constitution. The Foreign Assistance act of 1961 requires the President to determine that there is no criminality attached to any foreign aid. Joe Biden, as the former Vice-President, would have been the front person for this corruption as has been demonstrated in several journalistic venues. This is why Trump welcomes full disclosure in the Senate through the trial phase of the impeachment process.

In the personal opinion of this author, I can see that the "never-Trumpers" are largely aligned along Ukrainian corruption lines. For example, Senator Lamar Alexander has a lot to be concerned about if a trial with witnesses is held in the Senate as do about 20 other Senators. This is why Mitch McConnel does not want to call witnesses. My advice to the President is to go for broke. We must tear this corrupt system down before we can rebuild it.

With regard to Ukranian corruption we know that in addition to the Bidens’, Mitt Romney, John Kerry’s step son, former President Obama, Paul Pelosi Jr., are all involved and the CSS has learned that virtually all of the California Democratic Party leadership has intimate business ties to Ukraine and by default it is hard to believe that these dealings are not illegal and involve companies like Burisma. Would this help to explain why the CSMR has a military presence in Ukraine? The CSMR is clearly the water boy for, first the facilitation of this criminality, and second, the concealment of these activities. As two of my covert sources have indicated, they would once again make great snipers in assisting in a regime change as they are alleged to have done in the last coup in Ukraine. The impeachment proceedings should be called the "Cover-up of Democratic Corruption in Ukraine Act.

I am going to conclude this part of this series with a bombshell discovery. Not one, but two deep cover sources told the CSS that former CIA Director, John Brennan, has been implicated in Ukrainian money laundering and bribery of public officials and is currently participating in trying to overthrow the Ukrainian government in order to bury the evidence against the Democrats as well as himself.

The CIA is involved (no surprise), the CSMR is involved and this brings in Governor Newsome and it is all being done to cover up wrong doing that could be exposed in a Senate Impeachment trial through the discovery process. Look for fireworks in Ukraine in the near future.

Here is the major takeaway from this article, if the Brennan coup in Ukraine fails, look for CSMR to be deployed in a similar fashion to what Virginia Governor Northam is planning to do with the United Nations in Virginia. We will see something similar within California as the nation edges closer to civil war. This will be the topic of the next part of this series and the evidence for a brewing insurrection inside of California is growing on a daily basis.

References for this Article

California Military Department The International Affair Page of the CSMR

The United States European Command (note: This group is in charge of "SPP" which is the membership portal of entry for the CSMR's participation in Ukraine)

Unidentified source- former ARSOF with direct knowledge about the CIA coup against Russian Friendly Ukraine- Source indicates that CSMR personnel were deployed as snipers in the CIA led coup.

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