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What will Happen with President Trump….?

By Paul Preston, There’s major concern being expressed by Trump supporters over the position of President Trump on the issue of vaccines and the “jab”. All of his supporters who are internet bound know the “real” facts but does he understand the gravity of the situation or not? I think he does and I think there are other things he is concerned with like who will be the next president, will both houses of the congress go “conservative”, election machines and the 2022 elections and what about the 2024 Presidential Election? What about the constitutional “default of California? Don’t be fooled by the distractions from Trump. I don’t think we can play the type of chess Trump plays on the global stage. President Donald Trump arrives at Shannon Airport in Shannon, Ireland, on June 5, 2019. (Pool/Getty Images)Over the years in looking at the issues of the globalist on Agenda 21 Radio there are a number of elements that come into play at this time in the battle to save the Union of States we know as the United States of America.

Like it or not we all have to come to terms the United States is under attack by a world elite that are using all the totalitarian tactics of past totalitarian leaders to destroy the people and take the world’s resources. We are at War.

Our leaders are all in on the game of war as they have ignored their Constitutional duties and decided their own self serving greed comes before “We the People”.

Resources are being squandered all over the planet as chemical sprays are being administered by a vast armada of globalist aircraft who spray the population with metals.

The weather is controlled by man to suit the needs of the global elites.

Forests are being burned as a scorched earth policy of biblical proportions.

The genetic code of every living organism is now in play to be altered at the whim of any globalist who wants to genetically modify anything with DNA.

“Vaccines” are being used to create a major human die off of millions of humans around the world to suit the eugenesis need as prescribe in the United Nations Agenda 21 depopulation plan.

Welcome to Trump’s World.

There is another plan in play and the plan is playing out in plain site. The plan will only work with all Americans pulling together. Here it is.

Trump is concerned with the following and is anxious to move the nation forward against the globalists. Who will be the next president? Donald J. Trump will move into the White House within the 2022 year. The current occupant will be stripped of the presidency. The Dominion voting fraud will be exposed to the entire world. News of the voting fraud will come from California then the nation will be shown the extent of the fraud.

Dominion Voting Machines at work December 15, 2020 in Sacramento, County, CA.Will both houses of the congress go “conservative”? YES! California election fraud will be exposed. That means the 55 electoral votes from California will be decertified. This will cause all 53 members of the House of Representatives from California to default their seats. Forty three of the seats are Democratic which will cause Democrats to be a minority. In fact when all is said and done following California’s decertification their maybe only 75 to 100 members of House of Representatives 80 Senators left in the Senate.

Candace Owens speaking at the New California State 7th Constitutional Convention in Fresno County, California. Photo by Valarie Espinoza, ©NewCali News, October 16, 2020

What about the election machines and the 2022 elections? The Dominion voting fraud will be exposed to the entire world. News of the voting fraud will come from California in 2022 then the nation will be shown the extent of the fraud. Additional states like Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Colorado and as many as 35 more states will be forced to decertify their elections as well.

NEW CALIFORNIAN Linda Martinez-Hanna A Leader of Latinos for Tump. Sacramento Bee October 23, 2020.

What about the 2024 Presidential Election? President Trump will be in full force all over the nation campaigning for the Conservative Republican ticket of Ron DeSantis for President and his Vice President Candace Owen. Candace will have just turned 35 years old and would be eligible to be the Vice President. New California Movement activists wearing yellow vests protest on steps of the Stanislaus County Courthouse in California on Jan. 1, 2019, calling on President Donald Trump to end California’s sanctuary state policies. (Nathan Su/The Epoch Times)What about the constitutional “default of California? New California State will be brought into the Union of States of the United States of America as the 51st State in 2024. Signing the Presidential Degree for New California’s statehood will be President Ron DeSantis.

Paul Preston is the President and founder of the New California State movement. Paul has been a 21 year radio host on Agenda 21 Radio syndicated through Red State Talk Radio. Share this:


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