New California State Movement Files 95th Grievance on Anniversary of Gettysburg Address

Reed Johnson (front left) and Paul Preston (front right) reading the 95th grievance at Sonoma Plaza on Nov. 19. (Nathan Su/The Epoch Times) Members pictured represented Butte, Contra Costa, Mendocino, Napa (r), Lake, Solano, Sonoma, Sutter, Yuba, Sacramento (r) , San Benito, Shasta, Stanislaus and Yolo counties. Updated November 29, 2019 SONOMA, Calif.—The New California State movement completed its 96-week-long weekly grievance process on Nov. 19, the 156th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address. The New California State movement is a statewide grassroots effort to break away most of California’s rural areas from the current state and to form a new state. So far, representative

There's a Hidden Agenda in Masqueraded Big Bond Measure

"In a bit of irony, this March there will be a Proposition 13 on the California statewide ballot. But unlike the landmark taxpayer protection of 1978, the Prop. 13 of 2020 will put taxpayers on the hook for $27 billion"... Jon Coupal is president of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association. Don't be fooled. The real reason for Prop 13 2020 is to keep the state of California solvent. With massive expenses on social justice programs, facilitating and paying for the explosion of illegal foreign nationals and paying billions to their crony friends the state has taken every dollar they can from the programs they were actually to be used for such as infrastructure and spent every dime illegally. N

ICE Not Conforming to California Law on Detention Centers

Democratic lawmakers are harshly criticizing the Trump administration’s attempt to defy the intent of a new state law banning privately run prisons and detention centers. On Oct. 11, when Gov. Gavin Newsom signed Assembly Bill 32, liberal activists rejoiced. Private prisons are considered far more likely to be inhumane and generally use non-union workers. Private detention centers holding unauthorized immigrants are seen as a symbol of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), the federal agency that has become a target for the left since President Donald Trump’s election. But while the law takes effect Jan. 1, it allows existing contracts to be honored. Five days after Newsom’s signing

Opinion of Abraham Lincoln on the Admission of West Virginia

Lincoln's Dilemma December 1862 When President Abraham Lincoln received the statehood bill on December 22, 1862, he was deeply distressed. He asked the six members of his cabinet for written opinions on the constitutionality and expediency of admitting West Virginia to the Union, but they divided evenly. Lincoln had supported the creation of the Reorganized Government of Virginia, but recognized the statehood bill as being forced upon him by Radical Republicans in their effort to use the war to end slavery. Lincoln recognized the questionable nature of the state's creation, noting that "a measure made expedient by a war, is no precedent for times of peace." Despite reservations, on December


Roses left for Ronald Da Silva by his mother Agnes Gibboney on Nov. 24. Ronald was killed by an illegal immigrant in 2002. (Curtesy of Agnes Gibboney)US NEWS LONG BEACH, Calif.—Agnes Gibboney visited her son’s cemetery and his birth hospital on Nov. 23, a day after she learned the murderer of her only son was released from jail and immediately deported back to Mexico. She left more than two dozen roses at her son’s burial site and dropped a few dozen more into the sea at the beach she and her son used to visit. Gibboney is a member of the Angel Moms, a group of mothers whose children were killed by undocumented immigrants. Gibboney’s son, Ronald Da Silva, was standing with a friend in his dr

China Drops Below Canada as Currency Trading Plunges by 12.3%

New yuan banknotes are seen on a table at a bank counter in Hangzhou in China's eastern Zhejiang Province on Aug. 30, 2019. (STR/AFP via Getty Images) CHINA BUSINESS & ECONOMY China’s volume of international transactions that cleared in its own yuan currency tumbled on fading confidence in its financial stability by 12.31 percent in October 2019. The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) reported that despite the volume of international payments was up by a brisk 4.17 percent in October over September, the volume of cross-border transactions conducted in China’s yuan currency was down 12.31 percent. SWIFT tracks global interbank transactions for more than 11,000

Breaking!!!!!! Agnes Gibboney son's killer was released

New California State Senator and San Bernardino County Chair Agnes Gibboney. seen speaking in front of the California State Capitol building on on June 21, 2019 Photo: Nathan Su, THE EPOCH TIMES Breaking!!!!!! Agnes Gibboney son's killer was released last night and taken into custody by ICE who immediately deported the killer to Mexico. Agnes appeared on Fox & Friends this morning and made the announcement. Ronald de Silva, an American citizen, was murdered by an illegal alien in 2002 who is now set to be released by the sanctuary state of California this month. (Facebook) Agnes thanked President Donald J. Trump and ICE for all their great work and condemned California governor Gavin Newsome


California’s Supreme Court ruled unanimously Nov. 21 that a law requiring presidential and gubernatorial candidates to release their tax returns in order to appear on the primary ballot there violates the state’s constitution. Senate Bill 27, which was sponsored by Democrats and became chapter 121 of the California Elections Code after being signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom on July 30, requires presidential candidates to file their income tax returns for the five most recent taxable years with the secretary of state in order to have their names listed on a primary election ballot. The secretary of state’s office would make redacted versions of the returns available to the public on its website wi

Join, or Die

Join, or Die. is a political cartoon attributed to Benjamin Franklin. The original publication by the Gazette on May 9, 1754, is the earliest known pictorial representation of colonial union produced by a British colonist in America. It is a woodcut showing a snake cut into eighths, with each segment labeled with the initials of one of the American colonies or regions. New England was represented as one segment, rather than the four colonies it was at that time. Delaware was not listed separately as it was part of Pennsylvania. Georgia, however, was omitted completely. Thus, it has eight segments of a snake rather than the traditional 13 colonies. The two northernmost British American coloni

California Insider: Interview with Rebecca Friedrichs on Teachers Unions

Well, they manipulate it with money. So what’s that famous saying, follow the money. If you follow the money, November 15, 2019 Updated: November 15, 2019 Siyamak Khorrami: Only about half of the students can read English at their grade level in the California public school systems, and only 40 percent can do math at their grade level. My guest Rebecca Friedrichs, who has over 20 years of experience in the school system will tell us who’s involved and how special interests have a much bigger impact in our school system than we think. For the most part, these special interests are not aligned with the education of our kids. Siyamak: My name is Siyamak Khorrami, and welcome to California Insid

AG Bill Barr Speaks About The Damage to Our Nation From The “Resistance”…

"In this partisan age, we should take special care not to allow the passions of the moment to cause us to permanently disfigure the genius of our Constitutional structure". A rather lengthy speech by U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr to the Federalist Society is getting some increased attention today for the specific focus on how the executive branch has been weakened over the past several decades. More specifically, AG Barr discusses how, in the Trump-era, the resistance movement has abdicated their legislative power and responsibility in favor of a politically motivated intent to harm the constitutional executive power. [Video and Transcript below] [Transcript] – Good Evening. Thank you all


New California State was formed in 2017 and on January 15, 2018 declared Independence from the state of California following Article IV, Section 3 of the United States Constitution. In the New California State declaration there are 95 Grievances which list the reasons why New Californians are seeking Independence from the state of California. Each week for 94 weeks since the reading of the January 15, 2018 declaration of Independence New Californians have been reading a grievance. On November 19, 2019 New Californians will gather around the state to read the final 95th Grievance. A final reading will be held in Sonoma, CA which in 1846 was the site of the "Bear Flag Revolt". November 19, 201

Disaster Capitalism California Style Comes to Australia

There are now several brush fires in the state of New South Wales. Australia-New South Wales (NSW) Police have charged two men with stealing firefighting equipment during Tuesday's bushfire crisis, as they probe several "suspicious" blazes around the state. Key points: Police have charged two men with stealing firefighting equipment and another with impersonating an emergency services officer Seven "suspicious" fires, including the ones that closed in around homes in the north Sydney suburb of Turramurra, are being investigated The NSW RFS said at least 50 homes were damaged in blazes on Tuesday In a separate incident, officers also charged a 19-year-old with impersonating a firefighter and

Flaws revealed in impeachment witnesses’ testimony during first day of public hearings

wp:heading All eyes are on moderate House Democrats in swing districts Wednesday night, after the first day of public hearings in the impeachment inquiry against President Trump wrapped up with no major revelations but also highlighted weaknesses in Democrats' key witnesses, who relied primarily on second-hand information and never once interacted with the president.Critics may argue that Democrats' first witnesses failed to directly prove that Trump, in a July 25 phone call, tried to pressure Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky into investigating Joe Biden's family business dealings in the country in exchange for the release of about $400 million in military aid. That might make more mod

An instructor at UC Berkeley argued that “rural Americans” are “bad people” who have made “bad life

wp:heading {"level":3} UC Berkeley instructor Jackson Kernion said that “rural Americans” are “bad people” in a tweet last week. Kernion, a graduate student studying philosophy, has taught ten courses at UC Berkeley over the past few years. The tweet, which was highlighted this week by Campus Reform, was deleted after it sparked criticism from other Twitter users. “I unironically embrace the bashing of rural Americans. they, as a group, are bad people who have made bad life decisions. Some, I assume, are good people,” Kernion wrote in the deleted tweet. “But this nostalgia for some imagined pastoral way of life is stupid and we should shame people who aren’t pro-city.” “It should be uncomfor

Gov. Newsom throws California’s interior under the bus: Joel Kotkin

Gov. Gavin Newsom has committed himself to look for ways of “unlocking the enormous potential” of the Central Valley, but in reality he seems more interested in slamming the door to its prosperity behind him. In two critical moves the former San Francisco mayor has shown his incomprehension of how to address the needs of the vast California interior, particularly the over 6.5 million people in the 17 counties of the Central Valley. The first move was a plan to divert funds that were pledged to fix the Central Valley’s key artery, Highway 99, by some measurements the nation’s most dangerous motorway, and instead sink the money into train systems in the Bay Area and the Los Angeles region. Thi

Angel Mom demands removal of California Governor: "It's time for Trump to send in the Natio

Posted by LET Staff | Well here’s some data for you – and it’s on the highly conservative side, given that it’s more than four years old. A July 2015 report by the Migration Policy Institute (MPI) showed that 820,000 of the estimated 11 million unauthorized immigrants in the United States are convicted criminals. It also showed that 300,000 of the 820,000 are estimated to be convicted felons, while 690,000 are estimated to have been convicted of either a felony or a “serious” misdemeanor. That’s why one woman is calling out the governor of California, saying he lives in a bubble. That’s the message from Angel Mom Agnes Gibboney, who said that California Governor Gavin Newsom doesn’t understa

Ronald Reagan Announces for Governor

Ronald Reagan, age 54, announces his candidacy for the Republican nomination for governor of California. This half-hour film was aired on television outlets throughout California shortly after Reagan's formal "live" announcement and news conference on January 4, 1966. Reagan went on to defeat former San Francisco mayor George Christopher for the nomination and incumbent governor Pat Brown in the general election. We're not sure who the announcer is, but would love to know.

London Breed Wins The San Francisco Mayoral Race In A Landslide

Breed’s victory ends nearly two years of political uncertainty in San Francisco After almost two years of being the Interim Mayor and being elected temporarily as Mayor in a special election following the death of former San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee in 2017, London Breed was formally elected for a four-year term as Mayor of San Francisco Tuesday night. Mayor Breed, a Democrat, cruised to an easy victory, winning with 68% of the entire vote. The nearest candidate, Republican social worker Ellen Lee Zhou, only had close to 15%. San Francisco Mayoral candidate Ellen Lee Zhou (Eventbrite) “Thank you for honoring me with four more years as mayor,” said Breed after her victory. “I grew up in this ci

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