‘New California’ Could Become the Next West Virginia

University of Tennessee Law School professor Glenn Harlan Reynolds looks at the precedents and concludes it could happen.. Secession was banned for all time when the Northern states defeated the Southern Confederacy in the Civil War, right? Well, no, it wasn’t. In fact, University of Tennessee law professor Glenn Harlan Reynolds sees the following scenario as a possibility not out of the question in the near future: “In the summer of 2021, following the California financial crisis and CalPers pension collapse, public employee-supporting Democrats from the California General Assembly absented themselves from the state, preventing a quorum so that legislation slahing pension payouts could not

New California State Grows…Again To 43 Counties

"We must be doing something right because we now stand at 43 counties... there are 10 more who want to join the New California State movement" AENN The New California State movement grew again Friday May, 25 2018 to 43 counties with the addition of Mariposa county. Leaders in Mariposa county met with New California State Vice President Paul Preston and completed the necessary procedures and paper work to join the New California movement. Paul Preston the New California State Vice President stated; “We must be doing something right because we now stand at 43 counties …there are 10 more who want to join the New California State movement”. Preston explained there are 58 counties in California b

Four More Counties Join New California State Movement

Lassen, Santa Barbara, Trinity and Siskiyou Add Up to 42 Counties Now in the Movement to Make the 51st State Marysville, CA – At the May 19, 2018 New California State general meeting four more counties were approved to become members of the New California State movement to become the 51st State in the Union. The counties of Lassen, Santa Barbara(R), Trinity and Siskiyou were approved by a unanimous vote of the New California State county representatives. The current number of counties that are now certified by New California State now stands at 42. California has a total of 58 counties. “We have requests from 7 additional counties at this point.” stated Paul Preston the Vice President of N

Local group aims to create a 51st state called New California

Central Coast residents who are part of an effort to create a “New California” met Wednesday night in Atascadero. They say rural residents deserve a separate state to call their own. The idea is separating the rural counties from urban counties in California, giving rural communities more representation. “We could divide the states on borders that we would propose. We looked at all the counties, we said, ‘Where’s urban, where’s rural?’ The maps out there right now are representations of counties we have on board,” said co-founder Paul Preston. Upset with the direction state lawmakers were going, Dane Senser was ready to pack up and move. “I had enough. It was getting overwhelming with the ca

Santa Barbara County Joins New California State

The New California State movement announced May 1, 2018 Santa Barbara rural county has become the 39th county to join the movement. After 6 months of negotiations and discussions with numerous groups and people in Santa Barbara county a leadership team has emerged which will be a great addition to the counties of New California State.

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