New California State Files Grievance 79 Against California's SB 27, Bill Requires Trump Turn Ove

New California State filed Grievance 79 on July 30, 2019 against California's SB 27 which requires anyone running for president and governor file their last 5 years of tax returns in order to get on the ballot. The bill passed by the California legislature was sent to the governors desk for signature. The new law requires all candidates for president and governor of California to submit their tax return information to California's secretary of state at least 98 days before the primary is held. The returns are then posted online for public view. The law does not appear to prevent candidates who do not release their tax returns from appearing on a general election ballot. California will cond

Breaking Story Gilroy Shooting 3 Dead

Gilroy Garlic Festival shooting leaves 3 dead, 15 injured; gunman killed by police We are getting reports from FOX NEWS that there was a shooting at the Gilroy Garlic Festival Sunday just as the festival was closing. Police and fire officials responded en masse to the Gilroy Garlic Festival in Santa Clara County after a mass shooter killed three people and left a dozen more wounded on Sunday afternoon, officials said.The bloodshed was first reported just after 6 p.m. at Christmas Hill Park, which was hosting the annual festival.The gunfire left three people dead, Gilroy City Councilman Dion Bracco told the Associated Press. The figures were described as preliminary. A Gilroy Police Departmen


New California State is a big hit at one of the state's largest fairs. Known as the Mid- State or Tri-Counties Fair. Congratulations to Monterey, Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo counties for all the hard work that has gone into the booth and the hours of work you have put in meeting the people and spreading the word about New California. There are 450,000 people expected to attend from Kern, Fresno, San Joaquin, Monterey, Santa Barbara, Ventura, and San Luis Obispo. The live entertainment hosts some of the biggest names in the music industry and other events including livestock and horse shows as well as exhibits.

ICE protesters take down American flag & replace it with Mexican flag

A group of protesters removed the American flag from outside an ICE detention building in Denver and replaced it with a Mexican flag and a graffitied Blue Lives Matter flag. Protesters gathered at the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) facility in Aurora, Colorado on Friday night to demonstrate against reported planned federal immigration raids in the city. Some of the demonstrators pushed past the barriers near the building and pulled the flag from its pole in front of the building before replacing it with a Mexican flag. A graffitied Blue Lives Matter flag reading ‘Abolish ICE’ was also raised. /wp:paragraph

China Admits One Belt, One Road has Commercial and Military Objectives

Military equipment from China being off loaded in Germay. China’s Defense Minister Wei Fenghe publicly acknowledged for the first time that China’s $1.3 trillion “One Belt, One Road” commercial initiative is also infused with military objectives. He made the remarks during a visit with a group of South Pacific and Caribbean military chiefs on July 10, according to Xinhua News Agency. Chinese leader Xi Jinping in 2017 referred to the “One Belt, One Road” (OBOR, also known as Belt and Road) as the “project of the century” that will create the world’s largest web of ports, railways, energy pipelines, highways and streamlined border crossings. Over 126 nations—accounting for two-thirds of the w

Chief Investment Officer of Largest US Public Pension Fund Has Deep Ties to Chinese Regime

Newly discovered deep ties between the chief investment officer (CIO) of the California Public Employees Retirement System (CalPERS) and the Chinese government, along with CalPERS’s China investment holdings, have provoked controversy about the operations of the largest public retirement fund in the United States. CalPERS manages more than $350 billion for public employees either retired from or currently working for most of the state and local public agencies in California. The fund holds tens of millions of shares in equities of Chinese companies. Among other things, these companies develop advanced weapons for China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA), and, according to one expert, are invol

How Did California Get this Way?

Los Angeles faces a typhus outbreak and a new app lets San Francisco residents report human waste to the local government; reaction from the Hoover Institution's Victor Davis Hanson. Tucker Carlson interviews Victor Davis Hanson about California and the reasons why it is America's failed state.

We Will Prosecute You....

On January 15, 2018 New California State declared independence then on January 18, 2018 the state of California declared it would no longer follow the United States Constitution thus challenging the the sovereignty of the Union of State known as the United States of America. Paul Preston of New California State reading the State's Declaration of Independence January 15, 2018 Marysville, CA Tucker Carlson on January 19, 2018 show recognized the sovereignty issue on his show. "The country's biggest state is punishing its citizens for following federal law. California is fighting on the behalf of a foreign population that has no right to be here in the first place. Helping Americans isn't the p

California desert town aims to be ‘sanctuary city’ for gun owners

A sign for Needles, CA on a historic wagon along old Route 66. An Old West desert town in California has declared itself a “sanctuary city” for law-abiding gun owners. Needles is a town of about 5,000 that borders Arizona and is a few miles from the southern tip of Nevada. Last month, the City Council voted unanimously to declare itself a “2nd Amendment Sanctuary City,” for people who feel California’s strict gun laws tread on their constitutional right to bear arms. Needles’ city attorney has been directed to draft a resolution asking the state’s Legislature to allow gun owners from other states to carry firearms in town. But Councilman Tim Terral, who sponsored the measure, admitted the re

Will Johnson Off to Texas!

Will Johnson of San Juaquin county has announced he is leaving California for Texas. Will has served in the New California State movement as the original County Chair and State Senator for the last 2 years. Johnson announced that he was laid off from his IT position in the bay area and that he will be pursing his passion for video and radio production full time. For the last several years Will has produced the United America First program. Will has been recognized by President Trump on at least two occasions as an outstanding American with invitations to the White House. FYI even though Will will be in Texas his heart will be in New California!

Congressman Devin Nunes Comes to San Luis Obispo County Event

On Friday Congressman Devin Nunes paid a visit to New California State County of San Luis Obispo to discuss the current state of affairs in Washington DC and the state of California. Numerous members were there as representatives from New California State and were able to meet the Congressman.

Billionaire Bernie Marcus to donate majority of fortune, support Trump for re-election

Bernie Marcus: Bernie Sanders is the enemy of every entrepreneur Home Depot co-founders Bernie Marcus and Ken Langone on the challenges they faced getting the retailer off the ground to become the success it is today and the potential pitfalls of socialism. Billionaire Bernie Marcus Opens a New Window. has already given more than $2 billion to upwards of 300 organizations, and he said he plans to donate the majority of his fortune while he’s still alive and support President Trump for re-election in the 2020 presidential election. The Home Depot co-founder told the Atlanta Journal-ConstitutionOpens a New Window. over the weekend that he will continue to look for worthy causes to donate to in

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