Tar Heel state tars Silicon Valley reputation in new rankings

The Computing Technology Industry Association [CompTIA], a nonprofit trade association for people in the technology industry, ranked which American cities are best for jobs in tech sector. Among the surprises, Silicon Valley hubs San Jose and San Francisco came in fourth and fifth, respectively, beneath cities in North Carolina and Texas. The report, “Tech Town USA,” compared 20 metro areas “where demand for tech workers is greatest,” and compared how great demand for jobs in those areas were weighed against the local cost of living. Despite the fact that Silicon Valley is, well, Silicon Valley, the top two spots on the list went to cities in North Carolina—Charlotte and Raleigh, respectivel

DeMaio Threatens to Recall California Attorney General Over ‘Deceptive’ Gas-Tax Repeal Language

Supporters say Becerra purposely tried to mislead voters The leading organizer of California’s gas-tax repeal on Monday pledged to lead a recall effort against state attorney general Xavier Becerra for writing what he called a purposefully deceptive title for the ballot measure. Carl DeMaio, a popular conservative radio talk show host and former San Diego city councilman, said Becerra was responsible for the language that would be printed on the ballot describing the gas-tax repeal as a proposition that “eliminates certain road repair and transportation funding.” DeMaio accused Becerra of committing intentional voter fraud by using that language, citing an independent analysis showing that a

Moorlach: Next governor will face hard fiscal realities

Our old and confused Guv Brown, when he signed the last State budget, announces that we are about to go into a recession—not nationally, but in the State., With a $202 billion budget, the State is still increasing taxes issuing more bonds, while the middle class is fleeing the State. “California’s annual growth rate has dropped to 2 percent, from more than 3 percent from 2013 to mid-2016, according to a new forecast by California Lutheran University’s Center for Economic Research and Forecasting. The Center for Economic Research and Forecasting projects 2.9 percent national growth for the next two years. One key indicator is accelerating domestic out-migration—163,000 more California citize


New California State Senator: "Vote Dem Out" Last Saturday New California State San Joaquin County Chair and State Senator Will Johnson had the opportunity to speak at the #walkaway rally. The day before Will and several hundred young black activists were asked to attend the Young Black Leadership Conference at the White House sponsored by President Trump. Will can be followed at Unite America First.

Restored California Resolution Passed by New California State

The New California State legislature reconvened their 2nd Constitutional Convention October 25, 2018 to take up unfinished business from the October 5-6, 2018 Convention. When the Convention ended on October 6th there were several items of unfinished business that needed to be approved. New California State President Paul Preston announced at the end of the Convention there would be at least 3 additional follow up meetings to finish the legislative schedule before the official closure of the 2nd Constitutional Convention would be officially closed out. The additional meetings will be conducted electronically which has been the past practice of all the state-wide meetings. New California

Grievance 40: Calls for President to Declare California in "Insurrection"

New California State Declared Independence on January 15, 2018 and the following week issued the first of the promised 40 Grievances. On Tuesday October 23, 2018 New California State reached the number 40 milestone and read what is perhaps the most significant of all the previous 39 Grievances. Grievance 40 made a specific request for President Trump to declare California in a state of insurrection and to invoke the Insurrection Act of 1807. The final statement on Grievance 40 is the "Prayer" request from New California State to the President. Prayer The Citizens of New California State Pray for the President to exercise his authority under the Insurrection Act of 1807 to end the tyranny be

Water, Water Water! President Signs Water Memorandum & Bill.

President Trump signed two valuable documents that will change the the water issues of New California State. The first was the Presidential Memorandum to improve the streamlining of various federal regulations for water infrastructure. The signing of this memorandum stops the environmental activists in California and rest of the western states who have been wanting to stop water from reaching farmers and communities. Comments from You Tube: "Truth, Justice & Freedom1 week ago I am speechless! Our POTUS is doing something soooo significant..The Agenda 21 is the reason these Evil people did NOT let the water in!...Jesus definately has his arms around our Greatest President EVER!!! Thank you

Will Johnson at the White House!

Will Johnson is seen above in the White House following a group meeting with President Trump. Will is the Chairman and Senator from Jan Joaquin County for New California and freedom broadcasting activist for Unite America First. New California State San Joaquin County Chair and Senator was invited by President Trump to the White House for a meeting of Young Black Leaders from all around the United States. Will who was the featured speaker at the New California State 2nd Constitutional Convention October 5, 2018 is very well know for his work with his Unite America First an organization that promotes freedom and liberty. Will was asked to attend the Young Black Leadership Conference at the

New California State 2nd Constitutional Convention Reconvenes October 25, 2018 7:00 pm by Zoom

All Assembly Members & Senators I want to thank all of you who have been a part of the New California State movement. Your dedication and desire to create the 51st will yield the State of New California. As you may recall there were several items that were not voted upon at the convention and we advised we would finish these items with a follow-up Zoom meeting to reconvene the convention to vote on five items of unfinished business. Of utmost importance are the joint resolutions to be voted upon. 1. Both Senate and Assembly Resolutions regarding the Articles of the Constitution. 2. Both Senate and Assembly Joint Resolution regarding the Articles of the Constitution. 3. Assembly vote for a n

Why Californians Want to Break Away to Form a New State

IRVINE, Calif.—More than 160 Californians from 32 counties recently attended New California’s second constitutional convention. New California is a movement to break away from current California and form a new state. The movement claimed independence for the new state on Jan. 15—Martin Luther King Jr. Day. The activists in this movement say they’ve followed Article 4, Section 3 of the U.S. Constitution, and are using the same process that West Virginia used in separating from Virginia in 1861. When asked why MLK Day was chosen to proclaim independence, Paul Preston, the founder of the movement, said that like King, they want to assert the constitutional protection of their rights. “We feel t

Trump to jump into Western water wars ahead of midterms

President Donald Trump is jumping into Western water wars on the side of agricultural interests just weeks before the midterm elections, according to multiple sources with knowledge of the plans — a major political gift for GOP incumbents in some of the most competitive House races in the country where water supply is a top campaign topic. California Republican Jeff Denham, who is facing one of the country’s most competitive races for his Central Valley district, is due to join Trump in Arizona this afternoon for the signing of a presidential memorandum. The memo is expected to be aimed at sending more water to farmers in California's arid Central Valley. It is Trump's latest foray into Cali

Dow ends more than 300 points lower on worries about global growth, interest rates

Concerns about the vitality of Asian markets, in particular China’s, may also be weighing on the investment mood. Shanghai’s composite index SHCOMP, -2.94%fell 2.9% and the Shenzhen A-Share 399106, -2.73% dropped 2.7%. Weakness in Beijing’s markets came after China’s currency, the yuan, briefly touched its weakest level since January of 2017. One buck last fetched 6.9379 yuanUSDCNY, -0.0014% up 0.2%. Those currency moves came after Treasury refrained from labeling China a currency manipulator in its biannual report on currency practices released late Wednesday. The U.S. and China have been locked in a trade spat that doesn’t show signs of easing and that threatens to produce intermittent hea

California's Existential Risk of Financial Default

California is facing an existential risk of financial default when the stock market suffers its normal 30-50 percent interim decline in an average recession. The above graph from the California Legislative Analysts’ Office (LAO) from 1997 through 2014, to demonstrate that the State of California’s net capital gains collections due primarily from stock price increases have recessionary cyclical risk of a 70% annual decline for 3 consecutive years. The current average for net capital gains tax as a percentage of capital gains is over 11%. (effective capital gains tax rate) The California Legislative Analysts’ Office estimated that FY Net Taxable Capital Gains driven primarily by increases in

Victor Davis Hanson - WTF Happened in California? New California is the Answer...

Professor Victor Davis Hanson offers an explanation as to why the once great state of California now dominates in poverty, high taxes, poor education, and low performance. “Walls don’t work on the southern border but they sure work around your mansion or estate “ California, the liberal paradise" From the transcript Hanson:..."so all of a sudden California became a medieval society. It's like a keep, the coastal strip is the castle keep where the elite live and everybody else serves them and the middle class has fled. We have one third of all welfare recipients the United States, 20% of the state lives below the poverty line yet we have the most billionaires so it's a pre-modern and it's a


The open eastern rural portion of Alameda County will become the 52nd "county" of New California State Alameda "Rural" will be the 52nd county to join the New California State movement. New California State President Paul Preston made the announcement following several weeks of discussion with concerned residents of Alameda County who have wanted to be a part of New California State. "We're glad to have reached an agreement with people in Alameda County who live in the rural eastern portion of the county to accept them into the New California State counties" Preston stated. Alameda as a whole county will not be accepted into the New California State but instead only the eastern 'rural' por

California Agricultural County Launches "New California" Independence Movement

Below is the Chinese EPOCH TIMES story that was run to over 20 million people this week. The story covered New California State's 2nd Constitutional Convention which was held October 5-6, 2018 in Irivine, CA. [New Tang Dynasty, October 11, 2018] The California Democratic Party is dominant, and the policy is increasingly tilted to the left, causing resentment from conservative voters . Recently, the “ New California ” independence movement initiated by the Eastern California County of Agriculture has raised concerns. The initiators hope to establish a new state government that will focus on and uphold the demands of the local middle class . advertising On October 5th, people from all walks o


The "FAANG" stocks are falling and New California State is going to be the winner and California will suffer massive tax deficits. Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google are leaving the Bay area and Silicone Valley for other states causing a tech and social media recession that will cripple the California state government. With the FAANG stocks getting out and no longer providing the capital gain taxes the California state government has been living on for the past 8 years the 'hair trigger' state budget will be set to explode.

Dow tumbles more than 800 points as Treasury yields tick higher

"Today has big implications for New California State. This is a precursor event to state hood"... Paul Preston, New California State President Investors should be cautious in today’s market: Jerry Fine “Make Me Even” author Jerry Fine discusses whether the Federal Reserve should continue to raise interest rates and why investors need to be cautious. U.S. stocks plunged Wednesday, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average recording its largest single-day point drop since February. Big tech stocks helped fuel the selling as investors weigh the threat of rising U.S. treasury yields and global trade spats. The Dow tumbled 831.83 points, or 3.15 percent, to 25,598.74. The S&P 500 fell 94.66 points,

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