California’s Attorneys General Are Rigging Ballot Measure Descriptions

A voter fills out a California ballot. Photo courtesy San Francisco Office of Elections Imagine that in next year’s presidential race, election officials scrambled the letters in Donald Trump so it appeared on ballots as Daldon Prumt. Most people would agree this is not acceptable. Voters need their ballots to accurately convey who it is they are voting for or against. Yet for decades, a similar exercise in obfuscation has been perpetrated on California voters. Every two years, Californians become lawmakers by voting on statewide ballot propositions, which often have enormous consequences for the state. To understand what it is they are voting for or against, many voters rely solely on the d

California’s “Revolving Door” of Voter Registration

Hundreds of thousands of registered voters have cycled off and back on the state’s voter list for simple updates. How many remain off the list going into the 2020 elections? Santa Clarita, Calif. – An in-depth review of VoteCal, California’s statewide voter registration database, shows that more than 200,000 registered voters were removed from the voter list and then added back to subsequent lists between 2018 and 2019, mostly due to simple updates they did online or via the DMV. Election Integrity Project® California (EIPCa) conducted the research by comparing the VoteCal registration lists of February 2018, October 2018, February 2019 and July 2019. Voters who were on one list would not ap

San Francisco official in charge of cleaning up city’s filthy streets arrested

The head of San Francisco Public Works, which is in charge of cleaning up the city’s feces-filled streets, has been arrested by the FBI on suspicion of public corruption. San Francisco Public Works Director Mohammed Nuru was arrested Monday alongside Nick Bovis, the owner of a popular sports bar in Fisherman’s Wharf, Lefty O-Doul’s. Sources told NBC Bay Area that Nuru was arrested on suspicion of accepting bribes for airport concession contracts. Both Nuru and Bovis were released on bond following their arrest. As the top official in charge of the $312 million city public works budget since 2012, Nuru was tasked with cleaning up San Francisco streets, which critics note remain cluttered with

The nonprofit American Transparency is suing California’s controller for an alleged lack of transpar

Betty Yee, now California’s Controller, attended the 33rd Annual Women's Campaign Fund Parties of Your Choice Gala at Christie's Auction House in New York City on April 22, 2013. (Thos Robinson/Getty Images for Women's Campaign Fund) American Transparency similarly sued the Illinois state controller in 2013, and won. The organization has collected detailed spending accounts from all other 49 states through its Open the Books project, American Transparency founder and CEO Adam Andrzejewski said. California’s accounts are the only ones that remain in the dark. Controller Betty T. Yee has said she’s unable to comply with the organization’s California Public Records Act request. “Plaintiffs firs

Bloomberg rolls out plan to make Puerto Rico the 51st state

He released his plan in an op-ed on Monday. Breaking with many of his fellow 2020 contenders, former New York CityMayor Michael Bloomberg is announcing his support for Puerto Rico becoming the nation’s 51st state. It’s in keeping with the strategy he’s employed thus far in his late bid: targeting delegate-rich states and territories and skipping the first four early states altogether. Puerto Rico has 51 pledged Democratic delegates. He announced his stance in an Orlando Sentinel op-ed on Monday, alongside his plan for Puerto Rico’s economic development. “For decades, Puerto Ricans and their interests have been ignored by Washington,” Bloomberg wrote. “And there’s a simple reason why: They do

California Credit Down Grade Soon: Missing $320 Billion Last Year!!!!!!!

Missing $320 Suing California to Produce a State Checkbook New California State predicted this last year when the state’s Controller Betty Yee stopped producing the monthly audit reports required by law. Chriss Street has made numerous attempts to get the reports but over the course of almost one year there have been no reports coming. Street has been able to determine what was in each monthly report from other sources and has been telling the world that California was going have a credit down grade that would occur in March or April of 2020. To lessen the financial blow the state upped by three months the state’s primary election and is making sure there are school construction bonds being

Homeowners Hit With $20,000 Bill to Clean Up Homeless Camp

Waste from a homeless encampment along San Lorenzo Creek in Castro Valley, Calif. Local residents are paying the bill to clean it up after authorities cleared out the camp's inhabitants. (Courtesy of Alameda County) A small group of homeowners in Castro Valley, Calif., are not happy they’ve been stuck with a bill to clean up an abandoned homeless encampment in their neighborhood. Alameda County has demanded that Walsh Property Management pay about $20,000 to clean up the mess left by the homeless because part of the camp was on land it oversees. To cover the bill, Walsh charged each of the 75 homeowners in its local Lakewood Home Owners Association (HOA) about $300. The cleanup includes garb

5 California mountain lions caught on video outside home in rarity for solitary creatures

JACKSON, New Calif. -- Five California mountain lions were seen together on home surveillance video in a rare gathering of the notoriously solitary big cats. The footage was recorded at a rural residence at the edge of the El Dorado National Forest east of Sacramento, KTXL-TV reported Wednesday. “We shared the videos and photos with several of our wildlife biologists, and none of them could recall ever seeing five mountain lions together," said Peter Tira, spokesman for the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. ARIZONA AUTHORITIES KILL 3 MOUNTAIN LIONS FOUND DEVOURING HUMAN REMAINS He called the images “extraordinary.” One of the cougars is bigger than the others, so scientists specu

Trump Announces Guidance on Constitutional Prayers in Public Schools

President Donald Trump speaks during the Announcement of the Guidance on Constitutional Prayer in Public Schools, at the White House in Washington, on Jan. 16, 2020. (Nicholas Kamm/AFP via Getty Images) On this year’s National Religious Freedom Day, President Donald Trump issued a policy letter on students’ constitutional right to pray at school, marking his administration’s latest effort to protect the freedom of religious expression on campuses. “In a sacred principle of our republic, the government must never stand between the people and God,” the president, joined by a group of students from Christian, Jewish, and Muslim faiths, tweeted on Thursday afternoon. “Yet in public schools aroun

Record crowd shows up at Kern County supervisors meeting in support of oil industry

“When the governor is talking about reducing emissions, he’s really not thinking globally at all,” said retired environmental engineering manager Jon Carrithers, claiming Newsom had not considered the environmental impacts of shipping oil overseas. “It’s really a bad policy for the environment and I just think that needs to be brought forward.” A large crowd files into the Kern County administrative center for a 2 p.m. Tuesday meeting of the Board of Supervisors, where senior state oil regulators faced oil industry leaders. If the Kern County oil industry wanted to send a message, it did. At the invitation of the Kern County Board of Supervisors, more than a thousand oil workers, executives


In the world of state separations from pre-existing states along the line of Article IV, Section 3 of the U.S. Constitution the model set by the formation of West Virginia from Virginia in 1861-1863 is the most spectacualr. It is the model that we are following with enormous success in the New California State movement. Now the West Virginians are at it again! This time to save the state of Virginia from its own self destruction. The West Virginia state legislature yesterday introduced a resolution to have Virginia hand over several counties to the state of West Virginia! The issue centers around the attempts by the socialist Virginia state governor and his legislative useful idiots to take

Does California Want to Secede? “YES”

NEW CALIFORNIA will NOT be a Sanctuary State. California certainly marches to the beat of a different drummer. They treat the federal government as a rival fiefdom, setting their own environmental laws, their own immigration laws, their own fuel standards — as if the seat of power in the United States was in Sacramento. On Friday, Governor Gavin Newsom will present the state’s budget for the next fiscal year. In it, he will propose that the state of California sell its own brand of prescription drugs in order to “increase competition in the generic drug marketplace and lower the cost of medications by having Sacramento contract drugmakers to manufacture certain prescriptions under a state la

‘Not the Golden State anymore’: Middle- and low-income people leaving California

Many who have left say they simply couldn’t afford to stay. One report found that the majority of people leaving earned less than $100,000. Kate Cimini CalMatters, Updated Jan. 10, 2020 In 2017, Susanna Cardenas-Lopez left her home in Salinas to visit her brother in Idaho. Three days into her trip, she called her husband and told him they needed to move there. Back in Salinas, Cardenas-Lopez and her husband were left out in the cold after their landlord decided to stop renting the home they lived in. They couldn’t afford anything else, so they had to move in with a family member, which was stressful. Now in Idaho, she and her husband have free time and money left over at the end of each mont

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