New California State's Ruth Haring

Ruth Haring is the president of the New California State movement to create the 51st state of the union. Ruth also serves as the Chair of the Butte County Committee of the New California state movement.

Venture investor Tim Draper is back with a pointless plan to split California three ways..."New

The late Robin Williams used to have a great line about how “cocaine is God’s way of telling you you’re making too much money.” But it’s a new day and a different world now. Here in California, it may be more accurate to say that God’s way of saying you have too much money is to have you spend millions of dollars on a chuckleheaded and self-interested ballot initiative. Case in point: Tim Draper. Draper is the Silicon Valley financier whose ballot initiative to break up California into three states was certified this month for the November ballot. That achievement resulted from his submitting more than 365,880 valid petition signatures to the state attorney general’s office. Sacramento's a m

Californians divided on whether, how to … divide

The movement to slice up the state of California is reeling from internal clashes over what’s the best way to rearrange the state. The Cal 3 measure, which seeks to break up America’s most populous state into three smaller states, recently gathered enough support to earn the right to appear on the Nov. 6 state election ballot, giving voters a historic chance to improve their representation on the national level. But rather than get behind the upcoming vote, the separatist movement has fractured into multiple camps, each offering their own plans and criticizing each other for unfair dividing lines, the Washington Times reported. Paul Preston, vice president and co-founder of the New Californi

California separatists feud over how best to carve up state

Campaigns to secede from U.S., divide into new states compete for support By Valerie Richardson - The Washington Times - Thursday, June 21, 2018 As far as Paul Preston is concerned, three Californias is one California too many. The vice president and co-founder of the New California movement, Mr. Preston wants to see the state divided in two along rural-urban lines, not split into three under venture capitalist Tim Draper’s Cal 3 initiative, which goes before the voters in November. “With Draper, he makes sure every area has an urbanized zone that will ultimately be blue. You still have the rural-urban thing going on in his formula,” said Mr. Preston, who lives in Yuba City. “The rural peopl

Grievance 22

State of New California NOTICE TO ALL CALIFORNIANS! Grievance 22 June 19, 2018 New California is a new state in development exercising its Constitutional Right to form from the State of California. The process to form New California is authorized and codified in Article IV Sections 3 & 4 of the United States Constitution. Article IV Section 3 United States Constitution states: New States may be admitted by the Congress into this Union; but no new States shall be formed or erected within the Jurisdiction of any other State; nor any State be formed by the Junction of two or more States, or parts of States, without the Consent of the Legislatures of the States concerned as well as of the Congre

'Tired of the crap,' this Tulare County man ready for New California State

Eric Campbell says he wants 51 states, splitting The Golden State in two to create the state of New California. Campbell, a Tulare County resident, said the new state will create an opportunity for better political representation and present the chance to address education, taxes and water rights and use — the very issues that have him calling to break up California into 2 new states. "Businesses are being taxed to death," Campbell said. On Tuesday, Campbell and his wife, Amy Dickinson Campbell, read Grievance 22 in front of the Tulare County Courthouse to spur on the movement as they gather local support. "We should have those grievances heard," he said. Amy Dickinson Campbell, left, and Er

California Gov. Brown Faces Reality Check: Why New California Will Happen

A few weeks ago, I turned down an all-expenses-paid invitation to attend a late summer conference in San Francisco. After my 2016 visit to the Bay City, I vowed never to return. San Francisco is, to put it gently, an undesirable destination. Since most of California’s major cities are as unpleasant as San Francisco, I’ll likely never return to my native state. I left California in 2008 because of acute overcrowding and a state government determined to make living conditions worse for its residents, especially those already struggling in the lower economic bracket. A comprehensive listing of all California’s failures would be an 800-page treatise. But a brief summary of the financial conseque

9 States to Read Grievance 21

In support of the New California State movement 9 states will be reading Grievance 21 in various cities through out their state. The request to read the New California State Grievances was first put forth by citizens of West Virginia and Virginia following the reading of Grievance 1 on January 23, 2018. Since January 23, 2018 there have been public readings of 20 Grievances in front of as many as 21 county court houses in the counties that have become a part of New California State. Quotes from the the Grievance documents state: "New California is a new state in development exercising it’s Constitutional Right to form from the State of California. The process to form New California is autho

Grassroots effort comes to Chico to stump for "New California" statehood

KRCR NEWS CHICO, Calif. — A handful of supporters for the creation of a new state out of California assembled in front of the Butte County courthouse in Chico, Tuesday. They say their effort is on solid constitutional ground referencing Article IV Sections 3 & 4 of the U.S. Constitution. They would like to see a 51st state called New California, which would consist of rural areas outside urban cities like San Francisco, Sacramento and Los Angeles. Their plan is to work with the state legislature much like how West Virginia seceded from Virginia in 1861. “Who voted to be a sanctuary state?” New California supporter Ken Boone asked rhetorically. “Who voted to let illegal immigrants come in and

‘New California’ Could Become the Next West Virginia

Secession was banned for all time when the Northern states defeated the Southern Confederacy in the Civil War, right? Well, no, it wasn’t. In fact, University of Tennessee law professor Glenn Harlan Reynolds sees the following scenario as a possibility not out of the question in the near future: “In the summer of 2021, following the California financial crisis and CalPers pension collapse, public employee-supporting Democrats from the California General Assembly absented themselves from the state, preventing a quorum so that legislation slashing pension payouts could not be passed. “That absence stretched from days into weeks, as the state government largely shut down for lack of funding. Se

Ruralness and Borders of New California State

New California State is based on the rural areas of California becoming New California. The map as it stands now is representative of the active county committees who are involved in New California. When we release the final map there will be contiguous borders for both New California State and California. What it will reveal are two states with populations that are near equal but based on rural vs urban populations. New California will NOT include the most densely populated areas of California. As an example the most densely populated area of Santa Clara County will not be a part of New California. The same with Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, Sacramento, Los Angles and Ventura. These count

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