‘Too much, too soon.’ Families rally at Capitol against sex education and LGBT curriculum

More than 200 protesters rallied Thursday outside of the state Capitol to protest the state’s push for comprehensive sex education and lessons on gender fluidity in California public schools. The rally, organized by Informed Parents of California, called for a rejection of California Board of Education’s proposed Health Education Framework, which they said teaches students too much information and too soon. The State Board of Education will vote to adopt the Health Education Framework in May, which provides guidance for teachers and administrators on how to teach health education. The proposed framework covers a wide variety of matters including nutrition and physical activity, sexual health

New California State Goes to the Coast

Members of the New California State movement toured the coastal counties of Santa Cruz, Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, Monterey, Santa Clara and San Benito conducting meetings, town halls and training sessions. All these counties are members of the New California State movement and growing their base of members. The toured started in Santa Cruz county with two meetings early in the day on Tuesday March 26, 2019 which ended in a town hall in Santa Clara county. The tour continued Thursday March 28, 2018 with a special event in the evening in San Luis Obispo. Then Friday more meetings in San Luis Obispo followed by a town hall Santa Barbara county that night. Saturday March 30, 2019 was fi

El Niño forcing Oroville Dam spillway opening next week

The California Department of Water Resources is being forced by looming El Niño rainstorms to open the uncompleted Oroville Dam main spillway next week. The Department of Water Resources issued public reassurances on February 21 that uncompleted repairs at the Oroville Dam, which forced about 188,000 emergency evacuations after a near collapse in February 2017, are not a problem, since DWR did not expect the reservoir water level to rise enough to use the spillway anytime soon. But the timing of DWR's announcement came just a week after the National Weather Service's Climate Prediction Center issued an advisory that an El Niño cyclical weather pattern had formed and would last through the su

Paul Preston Files Lawsuit Against Cal DWR to Stop Blasting Around the Oroville Dam

THE EPOCH TIMES California Resident Files Injunction to Prevent Blasting at Oroville Dam YUBA CITY, Calif.—A resident filed an injunction to prevent construction blasting using explosives near the Oroville Dam on March 22 at Butte County Superior Court, after becoming worried the public work could cause the collapse of the dam. The injunction was filed by plaintiff Paul Preston against defendant California Department of Water Resource (DWR). Oroville Dam, which sits at 770 feet, is the tallest in the United States, 44 feet higher than the Hoover Dam. The collapse of the dam could potentially cause the loss of billions of dollars of property and tens of thousands of lives. This is not the fir

‘Shame’: Victor Davis Hanson delivers scathing indictment of failed ‘coup’

Original Publication February 20, 2019 The first “coup” in U.S. history in which government bureaucrats sought to overturn an election and to remove a sitting U.S. president has failed, a columnist noted. “Not thugs in sunglasses and epaulettes, not oligarchs in private jets, not shaggy would-be Marxists, but sanctimonious arrogant bureaucrats in suits and ties used their government agencies to seek to overturn the 2016 election, abort a presidency, and subvert the U.S. Constitution,” Victor Davis Hanson wrote on Feb. 17 in an op-ed titled ‘Autopsy of a Dead Coup’ for the Center for American Greatness. ‘A host of the Washington hierarchy lied under oath, obstructed justice, illegally leaked

“New Illinois” Takes Off!!!!!

AENN The day after Paul Preston, President of New California State and Liz Ritchie, Assembly Member from Contra Costa County and Chief of Staff for New California State spoke during a DeKalb, Ill. event, there was another event farther south in Illinois. It was billed as a “town hall” with 4 local state reps addressing some issues residents were really concerned about There were 1500 people there. REP. HALBROOK: WHO WANTS TO SEPARATE FROM CHICAGO? EFFINGHAM – A movement that sparked almost a year ago when the Effingham County Board voted to protect its citizens’ Second Amendment rights is spreading to over 61 Illinois counties and at the same time, broadening to include an array of issues an

Complete failure at Oroville Dam

The $1.1 billion spent to repair Oroville Dam is failing as water is seeping through the rebuilt spillway threatens new mass evacuations over the risk of the dam collapsing. According to national dam expert Scott Cahill of Watershed Services of Ohio, Oroville Dam is on the same failure track as in 2017, with visible water seepage trickling from the foot of the dam and dozens of points along the dam’s principal spillway. Cahill warns that warming temperatures magnified by precipitation is a growing threat to the dam. American Thinker reported on March 1 that the Sierra snow-pack was at a record 113 inches, but another 44 inches fell in the next 10 days. With temperatures spiking this week to

Tip of the Progressive Iceberg

As might be expected, Gavin Newsom’s pronouncement that he was suspending the executions of death row prisoners during his term as Governor was hardly a surprise. As an outspoken opponent of capital punishment, we could expect no less from him. Newsom’s actions come despite the fact that California voters have three times affirmed their support of the death penalty since the California Supreme Court outlawed the practice in the case of the People vs. Andersonin 1972. Since then only 13 killers have had their lives terminated representing about 1% of the death row population over the years. No one has been executed since 2006. With this being the case, why should the people in California ge

Former Medical Intern Recounts Witnessing Live Organ Harvesting by China’s Military

George Zheng, now living in Toronto, recounts how he witnessed live organ harvesting in Shenyang Province, China, in the 1990s. (Yi Ling/The Epoch Times) Editor’s Note: The following is a first-person account from George Zheng, a former Chinese medical student. The interview was conducted by Epoch Times reporter Yi Ling in Toronto. For Zheng’s safety, this article omits specific dates and times, as well as some identifying details. Secret Military Assignment The events I’m about to describe occurred in the 1990s. At that time, I was a student about to graduate from a certain military medical school in China. I was interning at the Department of Urology, Shenyang Army General Hospital. One da

U.S. college admissions scandal sparks $500 billion lawsuit

wp:paragraph March 14 (Reuters) - The U.S. college admissions scandal that erupted this week has triggered private litigation accusing rich, well-connected parents of buying spots for their children at prestigious schools, and keeping children of less wealthy parents out. A $500 billion civil lawsuit filed by a parent on Wednesday in San Francisco accused 45 defendants of defrauding and inflicting emotional distress on everyone whose "rights to a fair chance at entrance to college" were stolen through their alleged conspiracy. In the largest known college admissions scandal in U.S. history, federal prosecutors on Tuesday said a California company made about $25 million by charging parents to

Feds Bust Coaches and Parents for $25 Million in College Admission Bribes

The Justice Department issued indictments across 6 states in a $25 million college admissions bribery and racketeering scandal that implicated 9 top college coaches, 3 performance test administrators, and at least 33 very wealthy parents. The indicted parents include the television star Lori Loughlin and her fashion designer husband Mossimo Giannulli; the actress Felicity Huffman; and TPG private equity mogul William E. McGlashan Jr. US Justice Department prosecutors for the District of Massachusetts revealed that the fraud and bribery schemes were run by Newport Beach, CA college preparatory consultant William Singer’s Edge College & Career Network and nonprofit ‘Key Worldwide Foundation,’

The California Caliphate Has a Brave New Caliph

The shrinking of the ISIL Caliphate from the size of Britain to the size of London’s Hyde Park is a military triumph worthy of celebration, but it belies an uncomfortable reality: beneath the rubble of al-Baghdadi’s Islamic State there remains the Islamic state of mind that spawned it -- and will mutate to spawn again in one deadly form or another. And so it is with California, at least to every defender of individual, religious, and economic freedoms. Like the current Islamic State, it’s not so much a place as it is a crusading ideology -- a brave new spiritual caliphate with a brave new caliph: Gavin Newsom. But this caliph is not your typical leftist lodestar, nor is he brave in the dyst

Gov. Gavin Newsom to stop death penalty in California, giving reprieves to 737 death row inmates

About 750 condemned inmates are living out their lives on death row at San Quentin State Prison, California’s oldest state prison which opened in 1852. By Randy Pench Gov. Gavin Newsom is putting a moratorium on the death penalty in California, sparing the lives of more than 700 death-row inmates. Newsom plans to sign an executive order Wednesday morning granting reprieves to all 737 Californians awaiting executions – a quarter of the country’s death row inmates. His action comes three years after California voters rejected an initiative to end the death penalty, instead passing a measure to speed up executions. Newsom says the death penalty system has discriminated against mentally ill defe

Harris Poll: Silicon Valley Tech Company Reputations Plunge

‘Techlash to accelerate as globalism fades.’ The reputational rankings for Silicon Valley top tech corporations are plunging due to lack of ethics, according to the latest Axios Harris Poll 100. The Harris Poll has been tracking U.S. public opinion, motivations, and social sentiment since 1963 to identify relevant insights into actionable foresight for a wide range of industries including health care, technology, public affairs, energy, telecommunications, financial services, insurance, media, retail, restaurant, and consumer packaged goods. Almost all the companies that achieved big reputational quotient gains over the prior decade were tech companies including Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Micr

Death of the California Republican Party is Official!

Centrist/anti-Trump summit encourages California GOP to go its own way–80 Attend Next to the "choo.......choo" to nowhere scam, the biggest political scam in California politics is “New Way California”, or as some call it, “Wrong Way California”. On Tuesday they rented a whole theater in downtown Sacramento, for the overflow crowd expected. Per the Crest, “With a seating capacity of 975, the Crest Theatre offers an intimate and dramatic setting.” Per Ben Christopher a total of 80-100 people showed. When you take away the handlers, staff and people forced to be present, the total was very small. In fact, including everybody, it was 80-100 people. Yet, this organization owns the Californ


Federal ‘change agents’ have been inserting military command and control techniques into America’s civilian law enforcement system with the objective of enhancing global management. Transforming America from a constitutional republic into a segment of socialist world government required many changes, one of which is the elimination of the sheriff. There are those of us who consider the American state, the sheriff and his traditional office as vital. Already laid over the nation is a militarized infrastructure: the Homeland Security Agency. It is the foundation upon which a worldwide regional system of total command and control can be applied to operate what was once meant to be a republic.

New York, Pre Scission

What might be the pluses and minuses to splitting New York State in two? “Let’s look at it, get definitive figures,” says a first-term state senator, Daphne Jordan. Sen. Jordan serves a region in the eastern part of the state. Her proposal for an official study, as yet unsponsored in the Assembly, focuses on splitting the downstate region (all five New York City boroughs, Long Island, and Westchester and Rockland counties) from the 53 upstate counties. The U.S. Congress would have to approve the creation of a new state, of course, and a split would almost certainly be tricky, requiring the geographically larger portion to reconfigure governance completely. Which is the point. Downstate polit

‘Sanctuary’ cities are getting their grants despite threats

FILE - In this June 20, 2018, file photo, protesters demonstrate outside the federal courthouse in Sacramento, Calif., where a judge heard arguments over the U.S. Justice Department's request to block three California laws that extend protections to people in the country illegally. The Justice Department told The Associated Press at the end of February 2019 that 28 jurisdictions, including Sacramento, that were targeted in 2017 over what it considered "sanctuary" policies have been cleared for law enforcement grant funding. (AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli, File) MONTPELIER, Vt. (AP) — About 18 months after the Trump administration threatened to withhold law enforcement grants from nearly 30 place

This Train Won’t Leave the Station

Governor Gavin Newsom has canceled the bulk of the state’s long-proposed high-speed line between Los Angeles and San Francisco, leaving only a tail of the once-grand project — a connection between the Central Valley’s Merced and Bakersfield, not exactly major metropolitan areas. “Let’s be real,” Newsom said in his first State of the State address. “The project, as currently planned, would cost too much and take too long. There’s been too little oversight and not enough transparency.” The project’s cost, originally pegged at $33 billion, ballooned over the last decade to an estimated $77 billion (or maybe as high as $98 billion), with little reason to assume that the cost inflation would end

Warren Buffett: Don’t Invest in California Due to HIGH Pension Deficits

Companies Should Avoid States With Huge Pension Debts, Warren Buffett Warns: A candid picture of how investors see the slowly unfolding pension crisis Buffett says he would shy away from making long-term investments in states that have rung up huge public pension liabilities, because sooner or later taxes will have to go up. “If I were relocating into some state that had a huge unfunded pension plan I’m walking into liabilities,” Buffett told CNBC’s Becky Quick earlier this week. “I say to myself, ‘Why do I wanna build a plant there that has to sit there for 30 or 40 years?’ Because I’ll be here for the life of the pension plan, and they will come after corporations, they’ll come after indiv

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