California’s New Ballot Eligibility Rule is Unconstitutional, Says Lawyer

SAN FRANCISCO—Does one state have the authority to decide who’s eligible to run for president? In California, one governor is attempting to pass Senate Bill 27 which will control who is allowed on the presidential ballot. While, a California lawyer steps forward and declares this act unconstitutional. Harmeet Dhillon, an attorney in San Francisco, explains the exclusive requirements to run for president. “There are three requirements: you have to be 35 years old, a natural-born United States citizen, and have lived in the U.S. for 14 years. [The] president meets all those criteria, the president has also met all ethics disclosure requirements required by the federal government,” said Dhillon

Is the Sacramento Bee a Newspaper or a Front for the CalPERS Staff?

American newspapers are now fronts for socialist/totalitarian/hate policies. The Sacramento Bee is being described as a front for the corrupt and incompetent, bankrupt, CalPERS. “Let’s take a look at the evidence. First, on May 28, 2019, The State Worker featured a piece titled, “California retirees are facing another hot election over who manages their pensions.” While the article is superficially neutral, it doesn’t take long for the author to start attacking Mr. Jelincic: “Jelincic was censured by his colleagues three times. The first was in 2011 after the State Personnel Board found merit to a complaint that he had harassed three female CalPERS employees, making them uncomfortable with

Anti-Communist Expert Supports ‘New California’ Movement

SAN LUIS OBISPO—At a New California event this weekend, communism expert Trevor Loudon was invited as a keynote speaker to share his thoughts about the movement. He said the idea of breaking away from the current California to form a new state is a good idea. “All the power is concentrated in the big cities—Los Angeles, San Francisco—so the people in that hinterland, the farmers, the people who are actually do things for a living, are not represented. And you’re getting a complete distortion and a complete dominance by the cities who are all dominant by the left. And this is destroying California,” said Loudon. Communism expert Trevor Loudon said he is glad there are people who are in the pr

'I am angry,' says Sacramento business owner being forced to relocate due to homelessness is

Elizabeth Novak packed up her salon and moved out of Sacramento due to the mounting problems from homelessness in the California capital, and told Fox News Monday the issue is “disheartening.” “I am angry about it as well. I wouldn’t be relocating if it wasn’t for this issue,” Novak told “Fox & Friends.” In a viral post, Novak blasted California Gov. Gavin Newsom via Twitter, complaining that government inaction leaves residents and business owners like her having to clean up after homeless people who sleep on the streets and sidewalks. LOS ANGELES’ HOMELESS PROBLEM STEMS FROM ‘DRUG ADDICTION’ AND ‘MENTAL HEALTH; FOX NEWS’ EMILY COMPAGNO SAYS “When I come into work, I’m never sure what I am

Poop, Pee and Syringes in the Streets

One California business owner takes to twitter to call out Gov. Gavin Newsom's liberal policies, radio talk show host Mike Slater weighs in. Frustrated California Woman Has Scathing Message For Gavin Newsom After Homeless Chaos Destroys Her Small Business A frustrated California woman took to Twitter on Friday to blast governor Gavin Newsom’s disastrous policies that have created a desperate homeless problem. The woman – who goes by @Jesus_porvida on Twitter – was clearly upset as she posted a video detailing why she may be forced to close the doors of her business. 'I have had a business in downtown Sacramento for 15 yrs, a successful business. I now have to leave my place of business. I ha

Angel Moms’ Voice for an End to Illegal Immigration

Illegal immigration continues to be on the forefront of many discussion and media coverage, yet as a country, the real victims of illegal immigration problems are often disregarded. Angie Morfin with a picture of her son speaking in front of California State Capitol building on on June 21, 2019. (Nathan Su/Epoch Times) Recently, “angel moms” have become more vocal about protecting U.S. citizens first and the need for stopping illegal immigration. Angel moms are part of the national organization known as “Angel Families” and have children who were murdered by illegal immigrants. According to their website, Angel Families’ mission is “to bring illegal alien crimes to the forefront of politicia

California Should Not Chastise Federal Government When the State Fails to Disarm Violent Felons &amp

SACRAMENTO – Following Governor Gavin Newsom’s press conference this week in which he demanded national background checks, Senate Republican Leader Shannon Grove (R-Bakersfield) called on him to direct Attorney General Xavier Becerra and the Department of Justice (DOJ) to do their job and fully implement the Armed & Prohibited Persons System(APPS) to disarm violent criminals and those with serious mental illness. Since 2013, under the leadership of then-Attorney General Kamala Harris and now Attorney General Xavier Becerra, the Department of Justice (DOJ) has been provided more than $63 million to fully implement APPS and clear the list. Even with funding assistance, the list has not shrunk,

Gentrification for Social Justice?

A new Federal Reserve report casts doubt on the conventional wisdom that neighborhood improvement hurts poor urban residents. For many on the Left, gentrification remains a dirty word, synonymous—or at least closely associated—with racism, oligarchic developers, neoliberalism, and even genocide. Fortunately, not all gentrification-watchers are so dystopic. Less excitable observers harbor reasonable concerns about poor residents forced to resettle in blighted areas, unscrupulous landlords, and the disruption of familiar neighborhoods. A just-released working paper from the Philadelphia Federal Reserve could shake up the conversation. Several previous studies have already cast doubt on the con

California stretches applicant deadline to draw political districts—pool’s too white, too male

Bigotry is alive and well on the so called Citizens Redistricting Commission. The deadline to apply was August 9—and the date was set more than TWO years ago. But since the “right” people did not apply, they extended the application period by ten days. They could if they still do not get the right people to apply add another ten days to that. Why? Because, per their QUOTA system, too many white people and males applied. Will someone sue them for discrimination? Will the Department of Justice intervene and stop the open discrimination shown by this government agency? “All regular voters without a history of state government employment, lobbying or big campaign spending are encouraged t

Marxist ‘Critical Race Theory’ Infiltrates Churches, the Culture

When the Southern Baptists, the largest Protestant denomination in the country, endorse “critical race theory” (CRT), you know American Christianity has a Marxism problem. At the Southern Baptist national convention in Birmingham, Alabama, in June, a resolution on CRT and “intersectionality” gained passage with a strong majority. The resolution affirmed the Bible as “the first, last, and sufficient authority” in guiding the church on dealing with social evils and said that “critical race theory and intersectionality should only be used in submission to Scripture,” according to a news article from the Baptist Press. The resolution described critical race theory as a “set of tools to explain h

China Balance of Payments Deficit Risks Currency and Asset Crash

China’s falling savings rate coupled with increasing government directed investment rate threatens a balance of payments crisis that could crash currency and asset values. China became the “factory to the world” and built incredible infrastructure over the last three decades based on the strength of individual savers who remembered the hard times of the Great Famine of 1958–1962 that starved to death 30 million people. The world savings rate as a percentage of gross domestic product has averaged at about 25 percent since 1990, allowing about a 24 percent of GDP world investment rate. In comparison, China’s savings rate went from 37.4 percent of GDP in 1990 to 52.4 percent in 2008, allowing i

Meet the people working to kick Chicago out of Illinois

Supporters behind the New Illinois movement say the Pledge of Allegiance prior to an informational meeting about the organization's plan to separate the state of Illinois from Cook County during a meeting at a hotel in Mount Vernon, Ill., on July 20, 2019. (E. Jason Wambsgans / Chicago Tribune) It is midday and hot as a firecracker in the historic town of Mount Vernon, Ill. The sun is nearly unbearable on the asphalt parking lot of the Fairfield Inn out by the highway as a stream of people makes its way inside the lobby; spry retirees in couples; middle-aged people carefully shepherding white-haired parents in their 80s; a few younger folks. Inside, state Rep. Brad Halbrook, one of the event

California must repay national mortgage settlement cash used to balance state budget

Here's more evidence of how the communist California legislature and the socialist governors Brown and Newsome steal federal dollars to keep the California government afloat. Its clear California has no money. The state is running out of other peoples money. Gavin Newsom’s administration said Friday it would begin work on transferring $331 million back into a special fund designed to help California homeowners hit hard by the recession-era mortgage crisis, money that the courts have ruled was wrongly used to help balance the state budget. The California Supreme Court refused earlier this week to hear an appeal by the administration disputing lower court rulings that found the state mistaken

Trump Administration Moves to Speed Up Deportations With Expedited Removal Expansion

The Trump administration announced on Monday it is expanding fast-track deportation regulations to include the removal of undocumented immigrants who cannot prove they have been in the U.S. continuously for two years or more. The change dramatically expands the ability of the Department of Homeland Security to quickly deport certain immigrants without any of the due-process protections granted to most other people, including the right to an attorney and to a hearing before a judge. It is set to go into effect Tuesday and is the latest escalation of the Trump administration’s immigration crackdown. “The effect of that change will be to enhance national security and public safety — while reduc

Unless scrubbed clean, US voter lists invite major fraud

For years, a hardy band of mostly conservative lawyers has been warning that American voter rolls are so poorly maintained as to be absolutely ripe for, and perhaps already rife with, abuse. At Real Clear Investigations on July 11, reporter Mark Hemingway amply confirmed that those attorneys were correct. Hemingway reports that Los Angeles County has an astonishing 1.6 million more people listed on its voter rolls than there are actual, voting-age residents of the county. Statewide, California’s official voter registration stands at 101% of its population, which is astounding considering that many Californians are not even citizens. Obviously, when there are more names are on the lists than

Trump Turns Spotlight on Nancy Pelosi’s Filthy San Fransisco

Feces warning map from San Francisco President Trump has slammed the poor conditions in Nancy Pelosi’s San Fransisco following her accusations of “racism” over the weekend. “Speaking of failing badly, has anyone seen what is happening to Nancy Pelosi’s district in San Francisco,” Trump asked on Twitter. “It is not even recognizable lately. Something must be done before it is too late. The Dems should stop wasting time on the Witch Hunt Hoax and start focusing on our Country!” Donald J. Trump ✔@realDonaldTrump Speaking of failing badly, has anyone seen what is happening to Nancy Pelosi’s district in San Francisco. It is not even recognizeable lately. Something must be done before it is too la

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