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There's a Hidden Agenda in Masqueraded Big Bond Measure

"In a bit of irony, this March there will be a Proposition 13 on the California statewide ballot. But unlike the landmark taxpayer protection of 1978, the Prop. 13 of 2020 will put taxpayers on the hook for $27 billion"...

Jon Coupal is president of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association.

Don't be fooled. The real reason for Prop 13 2020 is to keep the state of California solvent. With massive expenses on social justice programs, facilitating and paying for the explosion of illegal foreign nationals and paying billions to their crony friends the state has taken every dollar they can from the programs they were actually to be used for such as infrastructure and spent every dime illegally.

Now they want a bail out and they're in a hurray. They know their tax base is declining and they will not be able to keep government functioning as they will be out of money by March 2020. Answer move the primary up three months from June 2020 and reschedule the primary in March 2020. This allows the state to put $27 billion on the ballot in the form of school bonds. The state is assured to get the money voted in because California runs the most corrupt elections in the United States and school construction bonds have always been an easy sell to Californians.

Keep in mind that to run the California state government cost $26 billion each year. In 2020 the state will have run out of other peoples money and are looking to steal billions more from all of us to satisfy their greed.

Jon Coupal commented about the new Prop 13 2010:

"Prop. 13 (2020) is a huge $15 billion statewide school bond chock full of hidden traps for taxpayers. First, it reflects typical credit card math by Sacramento politicians because it would borrow $15 billion from Wall Street and then make taxpayers pay it back plus 80% in total interest costs. That’s an additional $12 billion we’ll be forced to pay, bringing the entire bill to $27 billion.

There are other hidden landmines in this bond proposal including a preference for school construction projects that employ a “project labor agreement.” This gift to the construction trade unions can easily add 25% to 30% to the cost of school construction and freeze out responsible construction companies. That additional cost is money that could be spent building and refurbishing more school projects that benefit our children.

California’s schools are consistently ranked near the lowest in the country".

There’s big difference between Prop. 13 (1978) and Prop. 13 (2020). The first was the result of a massive grassroots campaign by citizen taxpayers and homeowners striking back against out-of-control property taxes while the fake Prop. 13 was put on the ballot by the California legislature.

The run away legislature and the governor of California are the proof everyone can see why New California State is needed now more than ever.

Paul Preston is the founder and President of the New California State movement.

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