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New California State Files Grievance 79 Against California's SB 27, Bill Requires Trump Turn Ove

New California State filed Grievance 79 on July 30, 2019 against California's SB 27 which requires anyone running for president and governor file their last 5 years of tax returns in order to get on the ballot. The bill passed by the California legislature was sent to the governors desk for signature.

The new law requires all candidates for president and governor of California to submit their tax return information to California's secretary of state at least 98 days before the primary is held. The returns are then posted online for public view. The law does not appear to prevent candidates who do not release their tax returns from appearing on a general election ballot.

California will conduct their primary elections March 3, 2020. California changed the date of their primary elect in 2017 from June to March. Below is the main text of Grievance 79.



California’s mono-party political machine, its socialist Governor, along with communist state legislators, socialist elected officials, agencies, and unelected regional governance boards, are colluding to create a Communist California state in direct violation of both Article IV, Section 4 and Article VI of the United States Constitution.

California Senate Bill 27 was sent to the socialist governor’s office on July 15, 2019 after passing the Senate 29-10 and the Assembly 57-17 along party lines. The socialist governor has until July 30, 2019 to act on SB 27. Introduced by two communist senators it would require presidential and gubernatorial candidates to release their most recent five years of tax returns as a prerequisite for appearing on the California ballot.

Lawmakers in 25 states have introduced bills linking ballot eligibility to presidential candidates releasing their tax returns. The Nexis news database shows California to be the only state that has sent such a measure to the governor.

Both communist senators who authored the bill reject characterizations that SB 27 is an attempt to punish the President, who has famously feuded with California officials via the media and in court since he began his presidential campaign in 2015. Instead, the two communist senate authors say SB 27 is an attempt to preserve “democratic” norms by ensuring that voters know about candidates’ financial entanglements before they become U.S. president or governor of the nation’s richest, most populous state.

It’s unclear, however, whether the measure is constitutional. Some attorneys say the Constitution has long enshrined states’ rights, including partial sovereignty, on many fronts. The U.S. Supreme Court has held a state cannot add additional qualifications for candidates for federal office. California’s legislative counsel cited this history in a 2017 opinion raising doubts about whether Trump could be compelled to release his taxes as a precondition of getting on the Golden State’s ballot.

The former socialist governor vetoed a similar bill, cited bad precedent in vetoing similar legislation in 2017, Brown not only questioned its constitutionality, he worried about the precedent it would set in his veto message.

“Today we require tax returns, but what would be next? Five years of health records? A certified birth certificate? High school report cards? And will these requirements vary depending on which political party is in power?” he wrote. California’s enactment would start the U.S. “down a road that well might lead to an ever escalating set of differing state requirements for presidential candidates.”

The communist in the California legislature along with socialist governor have now weaponized the entire governance machine of the largest state in the Union creating yet another totalitarian tool designed to destroy the Constitutional Rights of United States Citizens living in California.

California’s trajectory toward totalitarianism is now being revealed. California is in the advanced stages of turning into a Communist state modeled after both the Soviet Union and China the largest Communist nation in the world.

The race is now on to not just save California as a member state in the Union of States known as the United States of America but the race is on to save the United States of America and the 50 states that form the Union of States itself.

New California State movement stands in the breech to save the Union of States known as the United States of America.

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