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CA Governor Jerry Brown sets aside $15 million for illegal aliens facing deportation while CA burns

ABC 7 Reports

Gov. Jerry Brown has set aside an extra $15 million in the state budget to expand legal defense for people battling deportation. This brings the total of the state government’s financial aid for those in the country illegally to approximately $33 million. Under the revised budget Brown released last week, the one-time $15 million cash infusion was described as going toward further expanding “the availability of legal services for people seeking naturalization services, deportation defense, or assistance in securing other legal immigration status.” Immigrant rights groups and lawyers are hailing the move, saying the increase in funding is a sign that California is committed to protecting families.

So while California burns to the ground oddly where the proposed California high speed rail just happens to be proposed, Governor Jerry Brown of California in his last weeks of being governor has now handed over 15 million to illegal aliens facing deportation. This new 15 million dollars towards legal fees for illegal aliens facing deportation is now totaling 33 million dollars for the legal funds of illegal aliens facing deportation, and none of this money is going towards disaster relief for the California wildfires…Where the number of dead is quickly approaching 100.

If this isn’t proof that Democrats put illegal aliens before American citizens, well here is your proof…And Democrats who voted for Governor Jerry Brown are also suffering from the California wildfires. California’s governor Brown is handing another $15 million to illegal aliens, and Republicans and Democrats suffering with the California wildfires if they are wild are getting nothing. ??

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