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New California 1st Constitutional Convention Summary

We had a wonderful 1st Constitutional Convention for the State of New California on July 21st at Harris Ranch. In addition to outstanding speakers who gave us the background and foundation for the creation of the United States of America, we were given the charge to formalize our County Committees (and sample forms to use are attached to this email). We affirmed of Declaration of Independence announced on January 15, 2018 from the State of California because it is not governing according to the US Constitution and because 18 million people in the rural areas are not represented, their votes are not being heard.

We formally declared our three co-equal bicameral government consisting of an Executive branch, a Judicial branch and the Legislature. Counties will have a Senator to represent the land, the resources and the businesses of the County and two Assembly members. Representatives in attendance were sworn in for the Executive and Legislative branches (County Senators and County Assembly persons).

New California will address the violations against the citizens of California’s Constitutional rights including:

  • No Driver’s License for illegals

  • No Sanctuary State (or cities or counties)

  • No Regionalism (Removal of Boards of Governance for Regions)

  • 1st Amendment issues will be strictly adhered to and enforced

  • 2nd Amendment will be fully enforced

  • No State Income Tax

  • No California Air Resources Boards

  • No California EPA

  • No EDD (we will be business friendly)

Joint Resolution actions were taken on July 21,2018 by the newly formed New California State Legislature (Assembly and Senate):

  • Support the January 15, 2018 Declaration of Independence with Affirmation

  • Support the Preamble to the New California State Constitution

  • Amend the Preamble to the New California State Constitution

The Convention was adjourned and the second convening is planned for late September or early October to be held in San Diego.

The YouTube video link of the first two hours of the Convention is:

For more information, please refer to the New California State website:

Press Please Contact Paul Preston 530 632 9786

Or 877 828 2753

Thank you,

Liz Ritchie

Contra Costa County Assemblywoman

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