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Restored California Resolution Passed by New California State

The New California State legislature reconvened their 2nd Constitutional Convention October 25, 2018 to take up unfinished business from the October 5-6, 2018 Convention. When the Convention ended on October 6th there were several items of unfinished business that needed to be approved. New California State President Paul Preston announced at the end of the Convention there would be at least 3 additional follow up meetings to finish the legislative schedule before the official closure of the 2nd Constitutional Convention would be officially closed out.

The additional meetings will be conducted electronically which has been the past practice of all the state-wide meetings. New California State is the first and only state start-up to use the internet to conduct official state business electronically.

There are three important issues facing the New California State legislature which the additional meeting will resolve. The first is the issue of a new Assembly speaker. Jennifer Spears the Stanislaus county Chair and Assembly Member resigned after the first Constitutional Convention July 21, 2018 as the speaker. Spears agreed to serve as the speaker for the first session of the assembly to help establish the New California State Assembly. Spears was immediately replaced when President Paul Preston appointed Contra Costa Assembly Member Liz Ritchie. Ritchie also serves as Chief of Staff to President Preston. Her appointment is temporary until the Assembly votes in a new Speaker.

The second item is a resolution to approve the outline for the New California State Constitution. The outline is the framework for the Constitution and is titled by "Articles". New California State members have been meeting and discussing the structure of the framework. There is basic agreement as to the articles which shall comprise the framework and they will be presented for both the Assembly and Senate to approve or deny. If both houses agree the Constitutional framework will move forward for a joint resolution vote before both houses.

The final item before the New California legislature is the "Restored California Government" resolution. This resolution calls for the establishment of a "Restored California Government" in anticipation the California government cannot fulfill its responsibilities due to acts of insurrection. The resolution follows a similar resolution passed by the West Virginia government in 1861 which created the "Restored Virginia Government".

The "Restored California Government" resolution passed both the Assembly and the Senate and was approve as a Joint Resolution.

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