Open California Protest Liberty Fest 2020

Thousands of Californians kick off Memorial Day weekend with a rally known as “Liberty Fest” in front of the Capitol on May 23rd, 2020. The protesters were extremely diverse, coming from all different races and ages.

KrisAnn Hall, May 23, 2020 Liberty Fest PHOTO: Valarie Espinoza

Liberty Fest, hosted by Freedom Angeles, had several keynote speakers speaking throughout the event, including Ben Bergquam, Eric Early, KrisAnn Hall, and many more. Local hairstylist also set up their booths and offered haircuts all day. To see more of the photos from this rally and many others, check out my website at https://www.greaterimagephotography.c…

Ben Bergquam, May 23, 2020 Liberty Fest PHOTO: Valarie Espinoza

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