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Importing Co-vid 19 Cases from Mexico

PHOTO: Valerie Espinoza

Agenda 21 Radio received information from a Citizen Journalist. It is obvious our rates of infection are going up but now we know why the rates are so high.

Explains the spike we see in Co-vid 19 hospitalizations.
From a Citizen Journalist to Agenda 21 Radio

“Here is a video from a nurse and a pastor in Riverside who says Newsom is “life flighting” Covid19 infected patients from Mexico into Riverside Hospitals.

The pastor turned in his information to the DOJ to the link I got from a NCS email I received and the nurse said that she did on this video and that they called her for information.

I believe these people. She says that the Covid rates were going down till they started flying Mexican patients into Riverside and that they are probably doing it other places in CA.

The 2nd video has Pastor Tim Thompson going over a letter he has from a hospital telling that Newsom is bringing up china virus infected from Mexicali which has severe infections of china virus….they are moving them into San Diego, Imperial, and other counties.

Anyway sorry to take up your time again. Nothing they do surprises me".

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