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Bowing Down, Surrendering & Caving

The Brown Shirts SA unit in Nuremberg, 1929

Bowing Down, Surrendering & Caving

By John Wadsworth, New California State El Dorado County


I am seeing something very dangerous. Its not Gavin Newsom, although Newsom's dictatorship is an extremely serious problem. Its not ANTIFA, even though they are imposing a reign of terror on innocent citizens. And, its not BLM, although trying to indict non-black people for crimes they did not commit and are not guilty of is incendiary enough to provoke a race war, and the racial scapegoating they are engaging in against their non-black fellow citizens is morally deplorable and reprehensible.

As bad as all those things are, I am noticing something more dangerous and more troubling. Can you guess what it might be?

It is something that could be seen in Germany in the years that Hitler rose to power, and it didn't manifest here until the last two weeks.

What am I talking about? I am speaking of people bowing down, surrendering, and caving in to the demands of mobs on the street. They are being told to bow to show they are in agreement with the mob. They are going along with what they perceive to be a popular, politically correct movement, thinking that this will shield the them from harm and allow them to live in peace. It won't.

Man Makes WHITE WOMAN KNEEL DOWN, Apologize for White Privilege On Knees for BLACK LIVES MATTER


In fact, this is what the citizens of Germany did when Hitler's National Socialists rose to power. At first, the National Socialists were a minority, but very intimidating and threatening - always in your face, and they could always be found on the streets bullying their opponents, scapegoating their racial enemies, and demanding their "rightful place in the world".

The Brown Shirts SA unit in Berlin in 1932

The average citizen just ended up complying, even though in the beginning of the National Socialist movement, Hitler was almost considered a joke. The Nazis were on the streets known as the SA or "Brown Shirts". People were beat up. They rioted and got violent. They vandalized. the people just went along with it, they achieved political power and turned their country into a dictatorship that didn't end until the Allies liberated them by utterly destroying them. But it all started during the Weimar Republic years, when Germans had turned their backs on God, embraced all sorts of perversion and depravity, and then finally socialism.

Hugo F. Boss was thrilled with the big commissions that flooded in during the late 1930s and prior to the war he produced the early brown shirts, black uniforms for the SS and the Hitler Youth uniforms (pictured)

The sight of people bowing, down on their knees to ANTIFA is truly a deplorable sight to see. It reminds me of what ISIS would do before they behead their enemies. Remember those who bow. They are a collection of spineless cowards, fools, and self-centered opportunists. Take note of them, because you see them bow today, but unless people wake up and recognize this NAZI/Communist revolution for what it is, those same people bowing today will be the ones who will kill you tomorrow when they seize power. Ultimately, you will have to take a side. You will have to choose to either confront this communist revolution or to submit to it, and the sooner you choose, the better.

Joe Biden Kneels Down to Antifa Terrorists

The action or fact of accepting or yielding to a superior force or to the will or authority of another person:"they were forced into submission"

synonyms: yielding, capitulation, agreement, acceptance, consent, ...

antonyms: defiance

Oxford Dictionary

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