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The Doors of the Church were Closed and Locked.

To all the religious leaders of St. Catherine Church.

Today I walked down to St. Catherine Church in Morgan Hill for the 10:30 Sunday service and to receive Holy Communion.

The doors of the church were closed and locked.

Even though our President has just announced this week that the churches are allowed to open their doors, the leaders of St Catherine Church have decide to remain closed to their parishioners that wish to practice their religion.

This is very disappointing and gives me pause that St. Catherine Church is more concerned with what political narrative state and local un-elected bureaucrats dictate with "illegal" mandates that are forced onto the public.

Where are the leaders in our churches?

The needs of your followers may need faith and guidance at this most crucial time in their life and it seems like all the priests are hiding.

Do we need another Martin Luther to protest these illegal mandates?

Let me remind you that Jesus walked among the leapers with only the protection of faith.

You have more than just faith to support the cause of freedom.

The Declaration of Independence, establishes unalienable Rights "endowed by their Creator that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness"

The First Amendment of The Constitution gives all citizens the right to the "free exercise of religion, speech and the right of the people peaceably to assemble."


Bill Carlson-Assembly

New California State-Santa Clara County Chapter

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