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NY Times Front Page Includes List of Coronavirus Victims –

Remember when Reading: 2 of 5 are in NY and NJ and 2 of 5 Are from Nursing Home

The Sunday New York Times used the front page to list hundreds of names of victims of the coronavirus.

The US is nearing the grim milestone of 100,000 coronavirus deaths since the pandemic reached out shores in January.

Thank God for President Trump or this number would likely be at least 4 times that amount.

As usual, The New York Times is not quite forthcoming with its liberal audience. At least 2 of 5 of the US coronavirus deaths were in New York and New Jersey thanks to the fact that their Democrat governors tossed sick patients in nursing homes. And at last another 2 of 5 deaths were in nursing homes across the United States.

A recent study revealed that 39% of all US coronavirus deaths occurred in nursing homes.

That comes out to 31,900 Deaths in Nursing Homes! That is a really shocking number! 49,895 deaths were outside of nursing homes. Which is what you might expect from a typical flu season.

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