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New California State rallies support of Tesla reopening, says it’s time to open non-essential busine

FREMONT, Calif. (KRON)(AENN) – Now that Tesla is set to begin building cars again starting Monday, supporters of the automaker claimed at a rally outside one of the company’s facilities in Fremont Wednesday that it’s time to get other non-essential businesses up and running too.​

​New California State approving of the way Tesla CEO and founder Elon Musk has managed to get his company’s headquarters in Fremont back open.​

He filed a lawsuit against Alameda County because the Public Health Department does not consider the automaker an essential business, prohibiting the business from reopening.​

A deal has since been reached between the two sides, allowing for Tesla to continue operations as long as it follows new safety protocols.​

​”I think we need to let industries decide under what conditions can they safely operate under the current situation,” George Yang, CAGOP, said. ​

​Retired workers feel for those who are out of jobs due to the pandemic.​

“A lot of my friends have lost their businesses, and I’m here to support the business people,” Mary Linn Pelican, a retired teacher, said ​

​”Let’s open up our country. Let’s open up California,” Marlene Williams, retires wedding professional, said. ​

​The Alameda County Public Health Department says the Fremont Police Department will ensure Tesla holds up it’s part of the agreement.​

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