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Newsom: 38 Executive Orders/172 Law Changes–No Hearing/Debate/Vote

In total, without notice, public hearings or a vote of the Legislature, the Supreme Leader, the Regressive Dem. Guv. Gavin Newsom, has issued a total of 38 Executive Orders—the latest a couple of days ago mandating the November election is ONLY by mail in ballot. No vote of the legislature, no public input—like the Supreme Leader of North Korea, Newsom is dictating the terms of the elections.

Then you have, listed below 172 laws Newsom changed—again without public hearing, notice, discussion or a single legislative vote. Isn’t that how Supreme Leaders operate? They do not need any "stinkin" rules, regulations of legislators. They act in THEIR best interest—like giving about $2.2 billion in NO BID contracts to three firms that are either politically connected to or owned by the Chinese Communist Party. Yes, NO BID contracts. Corruption? What do you think?

Though this is a long list, the public has a right to see the changes mandated by the One Man Band, Gavin Newsom.

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