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New California Values Essential Liberties

Tyranny alert -

When government at any level and in any form assumes the authority to declare some Americans to have essential jobs and others, whose livelihoods do not further their own special interests to have jobs that are not essential, we are in grave danger of the establishment of a perpetual tyranny, that is to say, the granting of unwarranted power to a political master class of bureaucrats and oligarchs, such as we have now in the failed state of California. Such unwarranted power can only become a threat by continued blind obedience to unreasonable dictates and edicts. For this reason, civil disobedience in support of our fellow citizens' livelihoods is necessary to secure and protect our constitutional liberties and to preserve them, not allowing them to slip away into a new dystopian "normal".

What the political class in California would like to foist upon us as a "new normal" is something that must be met with resistance and not tolerated. The livelihoods of all Americans and their unalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness must be protected and, indeed, this is the most basic function and role of civil government in the American republican form of government. The list of enumerated rights that we have in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution is not a "living and breathing" list. It is not subject to private interpretation. It is codified in law. Law, the rule of law is the essence of a republic - not democracy (mob rule and majority tyranny), not oligarchy, and certainly not communistic collectivism and the planned destruction of the private sector.

In addition to the abridging of our first amendment rights and our second amendment rights by usurping politicians brazenly exploiting the present crisis, it has become evident that the California political establishment, headed by a corrupt legacy democrat and system of family dynasties, is engaging in opportunistic guerilla capitalism at the expense of the citizens, in securing private deals and income streams by prolonging the crisis and exploiting the voluntary emergency compliance of the citizens - while securing deals with China - banking deals - financial deals that are engineered to benefit the family dynasty of California democrats.

Are we really expected to voluntarily submit to our own demise? Our jobs are our livelihoods. They are not an entitlement program. They are an expression of our lives, our liberty, and our pursuit of happiness. A government that fails to secure these essential rights, is a failed government.

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