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Blood on the Altar - Churches Shut Down, but Babies Still Sacrificed as an "Essential Service&q

Even as churches are shut down in order to enforce a type of martial law known as "anti-grouping" laws, whereby people are forbidden to assemble, even peaceably in small groups, people are still allowed to go and have their baby killed at an abortion clinic during the present pandemic. Those who seek abortion are evidently a sacred (set apart) group of people that the present medical martial law does not apply to.

In the ancient world, infanticide and human child sacrifice were both common. There was also a huge money stream in the ancient world that was associated with human sacrifice, just as there is today (Planned Parenthood). It involved a whole "clergy class" of people that performed the sacrifices. It solved the problem of eliminating one more mouth to feed, as well as the problem of what to do with "illegitimate" children, and it also gave the people a sense of moral legitimacy, since it was cloaked in religion, just like it is today, cloaked in the supposed moral superiority of progressivism, socialism, and collectivism. In fact, this is the primary sacrament of the religion of government, a.k.a. communism. Yes, it has all the features of a religious sacrament - something that is "holy" and set apart for special protections and dignified as something of exceptional societal importance.

The civilizational and cultural progress that Western Civilization gave us all but eliminated these practices until the 1970's, when the democrat "progressives" made the practice of child killing go mainstream once again, after almost 2,000 years of criminalization. Only the perverse in mind would consider child killing to be progressive - especially when there is a shortage of babies for couples seeking adoption, but that is where we find ourselves today. It is regressive. It is retrograde, and it hearkens back to a pagan world that pre-dates Western Civilization. But, alas, Marxism requires the erasing of history, the erasing of family relationships, eliminating the role of mother and father, the dismantling and destruction of the family, and the morality that stems from Christianity, Graeco-Roman thought, English Common Law, and Western Civilization in general.

Nothing must get in the way of the religion of the state. One only has to read the news to understand that the official state religion in those areas that are controlled by democrats, socialists and every type of group-thinking collectivist is a religion of murder and death (and by the way, I don't recommend submitting to schemes that would allow these very people to disarm you under the guise of protecting human life - they will just as soon kill you or anyone else who gets in their way - and we have the data on socialism and gun control). It is religion of the state, in fact, and that is precisely what communism is - the religion of government. While defending and protecting child sacrifice, they punish traditional faith in God and despise the traditions that are responsible for the very liberties we have uniquely enjoyed in this country.

There will be a reckoning, and ultimately, people will have to choose which side they will be on - the groupthink, collectivist religion of the state - or limited government with protections for individual liberties under God enshrined by these words: "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal and that they are endowed by their creator certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."

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