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Agnes Gibboney

New California State's 6th Constitutional Convention will feature Angle Mom Agnes Gibboney as a featured speaker. Agnes who serves as the New California State Senator of San Bernardino County will speak Saturday February 29, 2020 before key note speaker former Arkansa Governor Mike Huckabee.

Gibboney who was just two years old when here family escaped Soviet controlled communist Hungary. The 1956 Hungarian revolution had been crushed with a massive Soviet invasion and as bad as conditions had been, her parents sensed things were going to get worse.

Agnes first born child was murdered by a previously deported illegal alien gang member. The loss of a child creates despair no one should have to endure. Knowing it was an intentional act by someone who should not have even been present in our country made it even worse. Agnes became aware of the thousands of other families who have had children killed by illegal aliens. Many have chosen to speak out about what happened to them and call for a secure border and an end to illegal immigration. We have become known as Angel Moms and Angel Families.

When she became a citizen, she swore an oath to support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Our freedoms and security, both economic and physical, are under attack from a number of sources. Foreign terrorists and criminal illegal aliens come and go at will. Illegal immigration costs us hundreds of millions of dollars every year. Social justice warriors control classrooms and influence our children to believe our country has an evil history.

Advocates for repealing or changing our Constitution have reached our legislature and admittedly pass legislation without even reading it first. Sanctuary jurisdictions ignore federal law and hinder enforcement. Socialism and communism are held up as desirable forms of government, even while their most recent practicing countries fall further into total ruin.I took my citizenship oath seriously and I am ready to stand against the threats we are facing.

Agnes Gibboney is running for the United States Congress from California’s 31st Congressional District, (,cd,31.cfm). "Securing our border and enforcing our immigration laws are top priorities. We have many other challenges Congress should be addressing, if they weren’t so busy searching for justification to fulfill their promise to impeach our president before he even took office. Congress must get a handle on runaway spending and the escalating deficit before it causes an economic collapse. We have too many members of Congress who want to be career politicians and look out for their own best interests instead of our country’s best interests".

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