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Disaster Capitalism California Style Comes to Australia

There are now several brush fires in the state of New South Wales.

Australia-New South Wales (NSW) Police have charged two men with stealing firefighting equipment during Tuesday's bushfire crisis, as they probe several "suspicious" blazes around the state.

Key points:

  • Police have charged two men with stealing firefighting equipment and another with impersonating an emergency services officer

  • Seven "suspicious" fires, including the ones that closed in around homes in the north Sydney suburb of Turramurra, are being investigated

  • The NSW RFS said at least 50 homes were damaged in blazes on Tuesday

In a separate incident, officers also charged a 19-year-old with impersonating a firefighter and stealing equipment in Sydney's south.

It comes as police investigate seven "suspicious" fires across the state on Tuesday.

Police are appealing for information about fires at Moonbi, Berkeley, Balgownie, Turramurra, Katoomba, Morisset and the Royal National Park near Loftus.

Shocking! There are other places on the planet to burn!

Many of the pilots used in California Fires are now down in Australia flying sorties over fires in New south Wales. There have been months of pilot training sessions for fire fighting!!

President Trump following the Camp fire in Paradise, CA laid down the law to California Governor Gavin Newsome that the federal money would stop flowing to California to offset their budgetary shortfalls. This meant that the disaster capitalists would have to find other markets.

Over a year ago numerous pilots employed by various corporations who are hired by Cal fire were asked to go train additional pilots in Australia. Today we see what they were training the new generation of eco-terror pilots to attack!!

Fighting fires in California is a multi-billion dollar business in California and now its gone world-wide.

Tanker 134 begins CAL FIRE contract with new livery

When Air Tanker 134, a C-130Q, flew across the Pacific in October, 2018 to begin a firefighting contract in Australia, it had just completed its conversion into an air tanker. There was no time to pretty it up with a fancy paint job, it had work to do.

It has only been back in North America for a couple of months but its been busy with maintenance and getting new livery. It looks like it was painted white and then partially covered with a fancy wrap.

And it has already started its second contract, this time with CAL FIRE. In the last couple of days it as been spotted at Redding and Porterville.

The military has used C-130Q aircraft as a strategic communications link for the U.S. Navy’s Fleet Ballistic Missile submarine force and as a backup communications link for the U. S. Air Force manned strategic bomber and intercontinental ballistic missile forces.

A C-130Q is similar to a C-130H, but the “Q” model was outfitted with a six-mile long trailing wire antenna for communicating with submarines and bombers.

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