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Angel Mom demands removal of California Governor: "It's time for Trump to send in the Natio

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Well here’s some data for you – and it’s on the highly conservative side, given that it’s more than four years old.

A July 2015 report by the Migration Policy Institute (MPI) showed that 820,000 of the estimated 11 million unauthorized immigrants in the United States are convicted criminals.

It also showed that 300,000 of the 820,000 are estimated to be convicted felons, while 690,000 are estimated to have been convicted of either a felony or a “serious” misdemeanor.

That’s why one woman is calling out the governor of California, saying he lives in a bubble.

That’s the message from Angel Mom Agnes Gibboney, who said that California Governor Gavin Newsom doesn’t understand the realities of living with illegal immigrants.

In 2002, Gibboney’s son, Ronald Da Silva, was murdered by an illegal immigrant.

And it’s a topic that’s once again opening old wounds.

This, after a federal grand jury indicted two illegal immigrants for allegedly murdering California Deputy Brian Ishmael.

In a press conference this week, El Dorado County Sheriff John D’Agostini called out the liberal state’s drug and sanctuary policies.

Gibboney appeared this weekend on Fox & Friends: Weekend and called Newsom’s protection of illegal aliens and criminals in the state of California a “disgrace.”

“His behavior is irrational, unacceptable, and he has no human decency in not attending this officer’s funeral — just like Obama did,” she said. “Gavin Newsom needs to be recalled.”

She said he’s tone deaf.

“He doesn’t listen to us: the citizens of this country, but he’s listening and protecting the illegals. This is not okay. Where’s my protection?” she asked.
She did things the right way – and now those who didn’t seek to do harm to Americans.
“I’m a legal immigrant. I have no protection and thousands of citizens in California we have to fear for our lives and for our children…and I commend the Sheriff…for calling it what it is: illegal alien.”

She also said she’s praying President Trump will take action.

“[Send the] National Guard, if it’s necessary, to come into the state and clean up this mess.”

According to Gibboney, her son’s murderer will be released in two weeks. And here’s the rub – because ICE is not allowed to pick illegal immigrants up in jails, the ERO is going to have to “hunt him down.”

“We ought to be outraged about this. This shouldn’t be happening; no family should have to go through this. Now, I have to live in fear of what this guy’s going to do. Is he going to come after me, my family, or the witness who testified against him?

She said it’s time to call this what it is – an invasion.

“When I took the oath of citizenship to protect and defend my country against foreign and domestic invaders – this is what it is: a domestic invasion,” she added.

She said we need to start speaking up.

“We need to speak up and bring awareness to these politicians that are protecting illegals and not following federal laws,” said Gibboney.

Gibboney was particularly upset by the governor’s disgusting move this week.

On Tuesday, a federal grand jury handed down indictments on two illegal immigrants who police say murdered Deputy Brian Ishmael.

It was the same day that Ishmael was laid to rest… in a funeral that was flat out skipped by California Governor Gavin Newsom.

In a press conference this week, El Dorado Sheriff John D’Agostini called out the state’s drug and sanctuary policies.

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He also attacked Gov. Gavin Newsom for skipping his funeral in favor of a meeting with PG&E, the state’s power provider.

“[Newsom] had an important meeting with PG&E,” D’Agostini said Thursday.

He made his comments to local media outlets.

“One morning out of his busy schedule to respect my deputy and his family I don’t think is too much to ask.”

According to Newsom’s office, the Democratic governor sent representatives to the funeral in his place. They shouldn’t be complaining, apparently, because he also sent a letter to Ishmael’s family.

Instead of calling out the illegal immigrants and offering condolences to the family in a press conference, Newsom had a more important topic to address in a Sacramento news conference on Tuesday.

That’s where he signed a law Tuesday, July 30, requiring presidential candidates to release their tax returns to appear on the state’s primary ballot. It was obviously a move aimed squarely at Republican President Donald Trump.

Here’s the back story on the press conference that sparked the war with Newsom.

“They never should have been in America to begin with.”

That was the message Thursday night from U.S. Attorney McGregor Scott in a press conference where he announced that two Mexican nationals have been charged in the slaying of a Northern California sheriff’s deputy.

And in a state typically known for dancing around the words “illegal alien”, they sure pulled no punches Thursday.

El Dorado County Sheriff John D’Agostini said federal charges were filed Thursday afternoon against the four men arrested in connection to the death of El Dorado County Deputy Brian Ishmael.

El Dorado County Sheriff’s Deputy Brian Ishmael was killed in the line of duty on Wednesday. (EDCSO)

Deputy Ishmael was shot and killed at an illegal marijuana grow in Somerset on October 23.

Here’s a bit of the back story.

With the legalization of marijuana in California, the state has run into more evolved problems with their efforts to be “progressive” in their legislation the past decade. That legalization has lead to the black market being flooded with marijuana in an effort to usurp the market and undercut regulated pricing for legal substances.

That’s what brought us to the murder of Deputy Ishmael.

According to officials, the property owner, 47-year-old Christopher Ross, called police and said someone was stealing plants from his pot garden in the Sierra Nevada foothills east of Sacramento.

What he didn’t tell the, according to police, was that he was in business with the other suspects.

According to prosecutors, 20-year-old Juan Carlos Vasquez Orozco shot Ishmael when the deputy ordered everyone to come out of the garden.

El Dorado County Sheriff John D’Agostini had no issue describing the two men indicted as “illegal aliens”, but most outlets would prefer the term “Mexican nationals who are in this country illegally”.

Here at Law Enforcement Today, we’re going to err more on the side of Sheriff John D’Agostini verbiage.

A federal grand jury in Sacramento returned a four-count indictment against Christopher Ross, Juan Carlos Vasquez-Orozco, Ramiro Bravo Morales, and Jorge Lamas. Considering that the entire chain of events unfolded with regard to the Deputy finding himself at the illegal growing operation in California, all four in the case were charged with conspiracy to grow marijuana.

However, a handful of those indicted would wind up receiving charges that tote sentences quite heavier than growing marijuana where you shouldn’t. Vasquez and Morales were amidst the pack of receiving heavier charges, as they were are also charged with being an illegal alien in possession of a firearm; Vasquez, as well as Ross, are both being charged with the murder of Deputy Brian Ishmael. Morales is also being charged with knowing Vasquez-Orozco committed murder, but attempted to help him try and avoid arrest despite his actions.

Officials at Thursday’s news conference had strong words about the growing problem of illegal marijuana grows in California.

“I ask that you, the media, please call this what this is. Don’t soften it. This tragedy was due to an illegal alien tending an illegal marijuana garden, who murdered my deputy,” El Dorado County Sheriff John D’Agostini said.

Aside from the federal based charges, the men are also going to be facing state charges as well with regard to the alleged crimes and chain of events. Needless to say, if convicted, they’ll have a plethora of time to ponder their actions.

According to the federal prosecutor, the penalty for the marijuana counts is a five-year minimum prison sentence, with up to 40 years in prison. That’s also in tow with fines up to $5 million for the growing operation offences.

The discharge of a firearm during a drug crime is a mandatory minimum of 10 years in prison, with up to natural life in prison and a fine of up to $250,000. The alien in possession of a firearm count is a maximum of 10 years in prison and a fine of up to $250,000.

We’re hoping justice is served in this case and that Deputy Brian Ishmael is honored properly after his life was taken so needlessly.

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