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Rick Perry "Governor" Resolution Approved by New California State

At the New California State 5th Constitutional Convention in Irvine, CA on October 26, 2019 both the Assembly and Senate unanimously voted to approved a resolution seeking to make current Energy Secretary and former Texas Governor the New California State interim Governor.

BE IT RESOLVED, By this joint resolution, the Senate and Assembly members of New California, shall hereby recognize our best choice as James Richard “Rick” Perry, an individual who has demonstrated the merits in all the ways needed through his service as agriculture commissioner of Texas, lieutenant governor and governor of Texas (three times), and as U.S Secretary of Energy under the current President of the United States, who is the most qualified and mentally and morally equipped person to provide the needed leadership for New California State. We make this resolution with a sincere earnestness that our nation may be blessed through the guidance of a dedicated leader who willfully has declared his loyalty to the United States of America, its Declaration of Independence and its Constitution, and that New California State may remain a free state within this Union. NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED ADOPTED this 26 day of October, 2019.

Secretary Perry announce his resignation 10 days ago effective December 31, 2019. New California State President Paul Preston on the advice of numerous New California State supporters and others sent a letter to Secretary Perry eight days ago advising him of their intent to pass a resolution that he become the first interim governor for the New California State.

The Epoch Times wrote:

Rick Perry, the U.S. Secretary of Energy who recently announced that he plans to resign later this year, has been nominated by the New California State movement to be the interim governor of the proposed new state.

“He is coming to us,” Paul Preston, president of the new state movement, said enthusiastically.


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