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“A people that wants to remain ignorant and free … wants what never has been and never will be” ~ Thomas Jefferson.”


You can’t make this stuff up! How bad off is the Republican party in San Fran? The new Executive Director was a member of the Peace and Freedom Party just a year ago. Then he became a NPP voter. On August 8—less than a month ago he reogstered as a Republican.

He worked for radical Democrat London Breed for Mayor of San Fran—and tried to get the San Fran GOP to endorse her, even though TWO GOP’ers were running for Mayor.

Clint Griess then became the campaign manager for former Libertarian Caucus leader John Dennis in his race for Supervisor last year.

Now Griess is both the Executive Director of the San Fran GOP—chaired by John Dennis, and the Dennis for Congress effort against San Fran Nan Pelosi.

As Executive Director of the County, Griess is now eligible to receive confidential information from the CRP and other Republican organizations.

Here is a tidbit about Mr. Griess:

Clint Griess is profiled on Google as a “Motivational Speaker”, where he has several YouTube videos. A March 2019 appearance by Clint was recorded, where he made a presentation before the SF Libertarian Party. He is listed as being the head of “Safe Water San Francisco”, a non profit, and website .

There is no registered corporation called Safe Water SF in California, no LLC named Safe Water SF, no DBA name, no company found in the CA tax exempt organizations database, and no 501c3 tax exempt organizations search with the IRS. The SafeWater SF website takes donations, with no disclosure information about the actual entity behind the website, behind the company name, no Tax ID Number, no tax exempt data.

Thought you should know the status of the GOP in San Fran.



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