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"Stop using our past". City of Orange, CA Telling the Truth While Fighting to Save its His

"Stop using our dead family member's history that is rooted in the soil of this very City, to achieve political success whether you're on the left of the aisle or right of the aisle".

By Robert Baca

Robert Baca: "I wanted to share this photo with you guys as it is worth a thousand words!"

This picture depicts my great-grandparents home in the Cypress Street Barrio in Orange, CA. I got to see this at our annual picnic where we showcase the past of our elders. We share our ancestors achievements, their trials and there push for equality back a hundred years ago within this city, we call Orange, where it all took place

I want to say it is a shameful act by candidates all around to try to assimilate themselves to folks in order to get an upper hand on the political atmosphere currently taking place especially now with the supposed disenfranchisement of Hispanic voters including the lawsuit, which I stimulated, and a number of candidates trying to steal the historical baton from one another. Pretending to be more Mexican then another Mexican. Pretending to have affiliations because they have a last name or they have brown skin yet have no documented history in this town within their families past.

I find it extremely disgraceful and I will continue to be a sentinel guarding the past of the Chicano community of old because the difference between you guys and me is that it runs in my veins. I have more than 8 different family ties to the original founding families which can all be traced back and I still live in the town but more importantly I fought tooth-and-nail to advocate where my mother left off years ago after she picked up where her father Librado left off!

The man who started the Jamaica festival that turned into the street fair, who was the community leader and the liaison between the Chicano community and the city of Orange, CA which is not told because of narratives and lies and a robbery of a history by a group of political troublemakers that have waged war on this town, including others who are now trying to find ways to fit in to get the Hispanic vote.

Where were you guys almost 10 years ago when we started to push on the city to preserve our history? Where were you guys when we try to preserve the remaining elements of the Barrio for its significance in the old town district, while everything east are the Barrio was preserved to the finest detail on your great scrutiny and support buy politicians in office and affiliates of?

Where were you guys when the University (Chapman University) was collaborating with certain politicians to wipe clean an entire neighborhood so the university could expand?

Where were you guys when the gang injunction that was found to be motivated with the wrong intent and was done and damaged hundreds of lives of kids not affiliated with gangs , but done under the scrutiny and request of politicians who helped pave the way to the gentrification of an entire culture and historical community?

Learn the history and be a part of it. Help us maintain what's already been affected and sold off to the highest bidder. And if you're part of that problem do us a great favor and stand back because we know who you guys are. It only makes things worse and give greater validity to what's being proclaimed and the city accused of by another campaign whose intentions are just as bad and just as deceptive

Stop using our past. Stop using our dead family member's history that is rooted in the soil of this very City, to achieve political success whether you're on the left of the aisle or right of the aisle. Whether you are affiliated with the University or not or whether you're trying to make money and have partnerships with folks in town or not.

Our past is not up for auction and it is not a debate. It is a shameful disgraceful and intentional act being done here by those for selfish reasons

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