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California Legislature Introduces 2,576 New Bills for 2019: Last week lawmakers introduce another 1,

Over the last week, another 1,556 bills were introduced in the California Legislature — 1,108 Assembly bills and 448 Senate bills — for a total of 2,576 bill introductions through last Friday’s deadline, according to Chris Micheli, a partner in Aprea & Micheli, a government relations firm. Micheli a frequent contributor to California Globe as well).

On Friday, the last day to introduce bills, there were 742 bills introduced — 505Assembly bills and 237 Senate bills, Micheli reported.

As a result, the total number of bill introductions for 2019 is: 2,576: 1,799 Assembly Bills and 777 Senate Bills (and not including constitutional amendments and resolutions).

Legislative committees can still introduce bills past the deadline using rule waivers, etc…

By way of comparison, the following are the bill introduction totals from the past six years:

Total 2018 bill introductions as of the deadline: 2,177

Total 2017 bill introductions as of the deadline: 2,495

Total 2016 bill introductions as of the deadline: 1,993

Total 2015 bill introductions as of the deadline: 2,297

Total 2014 bill introductions as of the deadline: 1,930

Total 2013 bill introductions as of the deadline: 2,256

As you can see, the first year of the 2-year session usually has a higher number of bill introductions, reported Micheli.

What are these new bills, and why do we need 2,576?

Here is just a sample of the categories and new bills:

FIREARMS ammunition, prohibited persons in possession of, SB 55 handguns: storage, SB 172 possession, illegal, AB 164; SB 55 sales, transfers, etc.—background checks, AJR 4 taxes, excise, AB 18 30-day prohibitions, SB 61 storage, AB 276; SB 172 violence, gun—mental health, AB 12 restraining orders, gun violence, AB 61, 164

AGRICULTURE endangered species: accidental takes, SB 62 hemp, industrial, SB 153 lands, agricultural: conservation, preservation, etc.: generally, SB 99

AIR POLLUTION federal requirements and standards, SB 1 greenhouse gas emissions—carbon taxes: feasibility study, SB 43

e85 fuel, AB 254 market-based compliance mechanisms: offset protocols, AB 293 scoping plans, SB 43 stationary sources: reporting requirements, AB 315 transportation plan, California: strategies re reduction, etc., AB 285 motor vehicles—air quality improvement: funding, AB 126 alternative fuel vehicles, AB 40, 254 inspection programs, smog check stations, etc.: exemptions, AB 210

BREASTFEEDING accommodations, employee lactation, SB 142

BULLYING schools: social bullying, AB 34

CATS & DOGS microchips, SB 64

CHILD CARE campaign funds re child care expenses, AB 220, 225 day care centers, facilities, etc.: construction and equipping of educational facilities bonds, AB 124 development programs, services, etc.—early care and education programs, AB 123, 194 general childcare and development programs, AB 194 grant programs, AB 167 payment programs, alternative, AB 194 reimbursement rates, AB 125; SB 174 subsidized child development programs: Los Angeles county, AB 324 preschool programs, state, AB 123

CLIMATE CHANGE action plans, local government climate: benefits re flexible fuel vehicles and e85 fuel, etc., AB 254 innovations and technologies: grants, AB 296 natural infrastructure projects: funding, AB 65


COASTAL ZONE climate change adaptation: natural infrastructure projects, AB 65 conservancy awareness, coastal: specialized license plates, SB 140 oil spills, AB 255

DISCRIMINATION AND HARASSMENT damages, civil: calculations, estimations, etc., based on race, gender, etc., SB 41 race: definition, SB 188 recognitions, remembrances, etc.—Japanese Americans, ACR 12, 13; SCR 10 Parks, Rosa: 106th birthday commemoration, HR 1

EMERGENCIES. See also DISASTERS, DISASTER RELIEF, ETC. first responders, public safety: emergency ambulance employees, AB 26, 27 preparedness and response, emergency—communications: contact information disclosures, SB 46 cultural competence: emergency plan integration, SB 160

EMERGENCIES preparedness and response, emergency earthquakes, SR 10 fund, local emergency preparedness and hazard mitigation: establishment, AB 291 recreational vehicles: donations and transfers, SB 32 state of emergency: disaster response operations: funding, AB 73 telecommunications services, infrastructure, etc., AB 183

GAME AND WILDLIFE animals, ownership of wild, SB 183 fur products, AB 44 hunting, trapping, etc.— fur trapping, prohibition re, AB 273 licenses, junior hunting, AB 284

IMMIGRANTS AND IMMIGRATION citizenship, state, SB 28 federal immigration policy enforcement—asylum seekers, SR 8 law enforcement, local: cooperation with federal authorities, AB 222 public charge determinations, ACR 1 group homes: undocumented minors: legal services, AB 163 medi-cal eligibility, AB 4; SB 29 Vietnamese refugees: repatriation agreement, AJR 1

JUDGES AND JUSTICES bias, implicit, AB 242 candidate statements: voter information guides, AB 265 retirement. See JUDGES’ RETIREMENT SYSTEM. superior court judgeships: funding, SB 16

LESBIAN, GAY, BISEXUAL, AND TRANSGENDER PERSONS foster care: gender affirming health care, etc., AB 175

MEDI-CAL dental care services—hygienists, dental, SB 154 restorative dental services, SB 154 special dental care needs, AB 316 eligibility—immigration status, AB 4; SB 29 interpretation services, SB 165 managed care—translated materials: readability, etc., AB 318 medicaid—support specialists, peer, parent, transition-age, and family, SB 10 mental health—behavioral health treatment, SB 163 support specialists, peer, parent, transition-age, and family, SB 10 providers—support specialists, peer, parent, transition-age, and family, SB 10 reimbursements—dental caries, treatment for: silver diamine fluoride, SB 154 federally qualified health centers, SB 66 modifications, AB 50 peer support specialist services, SB 10 rural health centers or clinics, SB 66 special dental care needs: federal approvals, AB 316 violence prevention counseling services, AB 166 support specialists, peer, parent, transition-age, and family: certification program: funding, fee schedules, etc., SB 10

waivers and demonstration projects—assisted living waiver program: renewal with amendments, AB 50

REDEVELOPMENT, COMMUNITY agencies, affordable housing and infrastructure, AB 11 generally, SB 15

SALES AND USE TAXES cannabis, AB 286; SB 34 carbon taxes, replacement by, SB 43 exclusions—alternative energy and advanced transportation financing authority, California: financial assistance, AB 176 manufacturing projects, advanced, SB 162 recreational vehicles, SB 32 exemptions—diapers, AB 66 sanitary napkins, tampons, etc., AB 31 trucks: interstate and out-of-state commerce, AB 321 handguns and semiautomatic rifles, AB 18 retailers engaged in state business, AB 147

SUNSCREENS Oxybenzone or Octinoxate: prescription requirements, AB 60

TRANSPORTATION planning: greenhouse gas emissions reduction, AB 285 public transportation—records, business, AB 73 transit systems: fare revenues, AB 226 regional transportation plans: sustainable communities strategies: housing and emergency shelters, AB 148

VALLEY FEVER construction workers: awareness training, AB 203

WATER bonds—rate reduction bonds, AB 305 water project bonds: payments re principal and interest, ACA 3 central valley project, SB 70 drinking water—funding, AB 217 microplastics, AB 223 pollutants, discharge of: federal requirements, SB 1 rights re safe drinking water, AB 134 quality—microfibers, plastic, AB 129 pollutants, discharge of: federal requirements, SB 1 stream gage networks, SB 19 recycled and reclaimed water—groundwater and raw water augmentation: definitions, AB 292 pipelines, recycled water, AB 231 suppliers and supplies, water: urban water suppliers: water loss performance standards, SB 134

Many of these bill will be featured on the pages of California Globe in coming articles.

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