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How Does a No-Trumper” Become a Voting Member of the California Republican Party

Assemblyman Chad Mayes appointed Mike Madrid to be a voting delegate to the California Republican Party—though his district is in Palm Springs and Madrid lives near Sacramento.

From Capitol Public Radio, October, 2016, “Mayes has not endorsed Trump and says that although he will not vote for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, he has not yet decided whether he’ll vote for Trump.

“I’ve had some people say, you know, are you going to disassociate yourself with him?“ Mayes says. “And I’ve said, well, I haven’t associated myself with him.“

At least Mayes was honest enough to openly admit he opposed Donald Trump.

Then you have Mike Madrid, the strategist for the No Trumpers in California and key voter of Jessica Patterson.

In Raw Story, December, 2018, , Madrid said this, Mike Madrid, a California GOP consultant, agreed in a similar post-midterm eulogy in Politico quoted in the report:

The party has to die before it can be rebuilt,” Madrid said “And by die, I mean, completely decimated.”

The midterms, he noted, were a “big step” towards that necessary death.”

In Lost Coast Out Post, 2/22/19, Madrid said this, ““This is not rocket science,” said GOP consultant Mike Madrid. “Anyone who thinks that supporting Donald Trump or Donald Trump’s policies is a path to victory in California is delusional. Like, clinically.”

Though advising Republicans, he had been helping Villaraigosa for two years prior to the June, 2018 Primary, From the Sacramento Bee, June 1, 2018, “Mike Madrid, a Republican political consultant and senior adviser to Villaraigosa, said courting the Latino vote has been the campaign’s underlying strategy all along (of the Democrats campaign).

“The critical vote is the going to be the Latino vote. This is what we’ve been planning for two years and have been executing on,” Madrid said, explaining their focus on Los Angeles. “It’s the same reason Newsom’s there. He’s trying to make sure that the Democratic base is split so Antonio doesn’t go through.”

I wonder if the GOP’ers he was advising knew of his help to elect a Democrat as Governor?

This will give you an idea about one delegate to the CRP convention—a very important one. Yes, Madrid is a Republican. Yes, he was appointed by his fellow No-Trumper Chad Mayes. Please note I am not making any value judgments—just stating facts and giving quotes. Thought you should know about the No Trumper leadership inside the California Republican Party.

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