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Leaving For New California State

Marlo Tranberg-Jenkins from Fresno County pictured above wrote the following on her facebook page: "Leaving the California Republican Convention in Sacramento this weekend. As soon as the same old Establishment Swampy Delegates voted in their puppet, Jessica Patterson........I whipped out my New California State shirt and off I went!! NEW CALIFORNIA STATE....... HERE WE COME!!! JOIN ME!"

New Californian Patricia Tighe Maga wrote: "The Republicans and Democrats have allowed the progression of the NWO and Agenda 21 to advance without opposition. This is why we should leave the Republican and Democrat parties and go to a No Party Stated registration because the Republican and Democrat parties are corrupt. We can then vote for what we want without giving the CRP & DNC more money and power that they don't use properly. Actually, New California is the right strategy. Paul Preston is right. It's the only way to stop the progression of the NWO and Agenda 21 from overthrowing the State of California".

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