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"YELLOW VESTS" Grievance 49

When Newman, CA Police Officer Ronil Singh was murdered on December 26, 2018 the entire nation was stunned and saddened. Officer Singh and all law enforcement officers have become targets for murder by illegal foreign nationals and and vicious gangs.

New California State stands in unity with all members of law enforcement in California and the nation. To honor Officer Sing and show our support to the rule of law we wear our Yellow Vests!

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lance miller 2 hours ago (edited)

Citizens of CA fighting the commie leftist state government! In a mono commie state tyrannical govt favoring illegals over its own citizens.... Sounds right to me! California globalist leftist govt are anti American ... The Oakland mayor that tipped off locals of pending ICE arrests all against laws.. the leftist govt uses illegals for votes but uses federal tax dollars to fund the invasions... Lock up the commies! Yellow vest movement👍👍

mek133 minutes ago

I bought my yellow vest! … I am ready to protest the tyranny of our CA state government … Citizens can protest at the CA DMV offices … They are all over the state!!! … We can all participate!!! … Just tell us when …

gwhite7136 hours ago

New California needs more than prayers. You need to march, demonstrate. Use those yellow vests and march and demonstrate your grievances.. Organize. The rest of the nation will come to your defense and aid.. Make them hear you! United We Stand..

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