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Government takeover of utilities

In Venezuela use of energy is counted by the minutes and hours. You never know when you will be able to read at night or work during the day. Socialism kills an economy.

“History has shown the State has a long history of failure in taking on large tasks beyond their reach. Just ask the DMV, Caltrans, Coastal Commission, and other regulatory agencies whose incompetence is a major contributor to increased construction costs. Unquestionably, this has been a major factor in creating the present housing shortage the state is experiencing.

Were an energy monopoly to be created, we can see how government policies would hurt consumers. The first thing we could expect is rationing energy distribution to limit green house gasses. Further reducing fossil fuels would be right behind trying to increase sustainable energy sources without factoring in the practical consequences. Environmentalists will also join the mix aiming to eliminate electricity generated by dams in order to save fish.”

As we move toward government ownership of energy in California and the banning of cheap energy sources by government fiat, the cost of living in California will soar and businesses will be forced to leave. This is a recipe for disaster—as the folks in Venezuela already know. Read the full story here.

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