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The Guy Who Protested Gavin Newsom Calls Rush

RUSH: Okay. Fresno, California, next. Ben, great to have you with us on the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Hey, Rush! Thank you for having me on. I was actually the guy who you referenced earlier in the show who objected to Gavin Newsom being sworn in.

RUSH: Oh, you’re the guy that protested Newsom?

CALLER: I’m the guy. Yes, sir.

RUSH: What did you actually do?

CALLER: I was actually in the press pool. I was there on behalf of our station, 1680. I was sitting through about half of this. I’d been to Cpl. Ronil Singh funeral on Saturday, and I was listening to the garbage that was going on, and we were approaching them doing the swearing in, and I just got this feeling inside. I couldn’t sit there and listen to this scumbag who’s already broken his oath multiple times by aiding and abetting and protecting illegal aliens, while Cpl. Ronil Singh’s wife and son were at home without a husband and a father. So I got up and I said, “I object, I object, you have no right to swear an oath to a constitution you’ve already broken. Cpl. Ronil Singh’s blood is already on your hands and the only thing the officers should be doing is reading you your Miranda rights,” and then I was promptly deported out of the building.

RUSH: (laughing) Deported! (laughing) “Deported out of the building.” Yeah, you’re not supposed to speak to your betters that way.


RUSH: If you’re in the press corps, you’re supposed to be compliant and supportive.

CALLER: Yeah. Well, and the frustration thing is the media doesn’t do it anymore. This guy has literally allowed American citizens to die with a smile on his face time and again, whether it was Kate Steinle or my friend Don Rosenberg’s son Drew Rosenberg. Thousands of American citizens have died, and this slimeball has the nerve to get up on stage with a smile on his face and say that he cares about the children. He’s just one example, though. He’s on the list of the leftist Democrats who have given away American sovereignty and are in the process of undermining and destroying this country. It’s time that all Americans stand up against this. I couldn’t… You know, I knew I was gonna be Jim Acosta’d by these guys — with no reason, because I was actually asking the questions and saying the things that the media should be saying but they won’t say.

RUSH: Let me ask you a question about this. Where does Gavin Newsom stop and his voters begin? I mean, is Gavin Newsom leading people into supporting this stuff or do these people in California…? Have they become so radicalized that he’s simply giving them what they want? Which is which?

CALLER: I think it’s a combination. It’s a combination of both. You’ve got a bunch of idiot people. You’ve got a bunch of folks that just are ignorant to the facts of what’s going on, and they listen to the left. They get their check every month and they don’t care. There’s a lot of fraud that goes on as well. But there are people that truly believe this. We go out and get protests. You know, I go out to these places, and people are saying, “Abolish ICE,” and laughing.

We’ll be out there with the Angel Families and with Fight Sanctuary State, and they’re laughing at the families who’ve lost loved ones and demeaning them. So there are people that are just truly sick and evil. But there’s just a lot of ignorant people as well, and that’s really my objective and our objective. The reason I stay in California and I continue to fight out here is because I believe there’s a generation that’s ready to be harvested, that people are…

There are enough people that we can change it, that we can take it back if we’ll just wake them up. We have to change the culture first before we can change politics, as Breitbart used to say. That’s why I’m out here. I believe there are a lot of evil people like Newsom but there are a lot of people that can still be reached. President Trump’s speech last night was perfect for that, highlighting all that. But again, that’s why I had to take that. And I heard you say that I might not ever be heard from again so I thought I’d give you a call and let you know I’m still here and kicking.

RUSH: Well, I’m glad that you found safety and refuge, and I’m honored that you’re in the audience.

CALLER: I asked for sanctuary. I asked for sanctuary but they wouldn’t give it to me. Surprisingly enough.

RUSH: (laughing) As I’m listening to you describe Andrew Breitbart. You know, politics is downstream from culture, and I’m listening to you describe, explain or answer my question — and which came first, the stupid voters or Gavin Newsom — I’m reminded, you know, there’s somebody… It’s not just one. Late-night comedy television shows have become embarrassing.

They are hosted by — I don’t want to say stupid people, but the degree of ignorance that these hosts willingly portray is stunning, like Jimmy Kimmel. Jimmy Kimmel said that rarely does a president of the United States interrupt prime time television to warn us about a completely made-up thing.

Now, as you said, we have families whose loved ones have been killed, murdered by illegal aliens, including law enforcement. Communities are burdened by massive increases in costs for social services. You know we’re spending $630 million on welfare for illegal immigrants in California alone? The crime rates are up because of criminal illegal aliens. Massive amounts of drugs have been fast tracked into every corner of the country, starting in Arizona and California.

There is the smuggling of children. Women are being raped. It’s been acknowledged that it’s even worse than what Trump said. Illness, disease is coming across the border with these people. And people like Gavin Newsom and Jimmy Kimmel, the rest of these clowns claim it’s made up? That it’s a fake crisis? I mean, it’s nothing but a joke to these millionaire elites in Hollywood and Washington who live protected from this stuff because they are behind walls in large homes. They’ve got armed bodyguards.

And you look at Chuck and Nancy and their mortician show last night, they did not address one of these issues. All they did was talk about how dumb and stupid and wrong Trump is and how he had better open the government. And they talked about all of these poor government employees who may not make the mortgage payment, they may not be able to buy milk for the kids.

Meanwhile, there’s not one bit of sympathy for the people you’re talking about, the people that are being murdered and victimized by the criminal element crossing the border that the Democrats and these late-night comedians support. The degree, the level of ignorance here.

Then of course you put their audiences in there and the Campus Reform people going to, pick your college, and they start reading quotes to these people supposedly from Trump about illegal immigration and, “Oh, that’s horrible, that’s rotten, that’s simplistic, that’s stupid,” and then they find out Trump didn’t say it, Obama did. And they still think that Trump is an idiot despite the fact.

The degree of ignorance that is being fostered throughout the left and amplified and promoted by people like Gavin Newsom and these late-night comics, to sit there and laugh at the real human and financial costs that all of this is bringing to local communities is why I think you think you have a chance out there.

CALLER: Yeah. No. They’re absolutely, they’re criminals that should be in prison. Anybody who intentionally votes to protect criminal illegal aliens over American citizens should be in prison. And the sad thing is that people like Jimmy Kimmel are feeding into it. They are part of the problem. We just did a short documentary on Frontline America that exposes this. We were down on the border in Arizona and California, we got folks down in Texas. We’ve got cameras down there and we’re seeing this, the pack loads of drugs. And the sex trafficking, human trafficking, and the craziest thing is we have liberals, these, quote, unquote, humanitarians that go down there and provide aid and comfort, water and food and blankets.

It’s complete insanity. It’s national suicide, and unless we wake up now, we’re gonna lose this nation. And I believe we have the opportunity, we have the opportunity because truth is on our side, President Trump laid it out perfectly. You lay it out perfectly every single day. And it’s up to the American people to stand up and say “no more.” And that’s what I said to Newsom. He has no right to be our government. He’s a disgusting scumbag, a sick human being. And I feel for the families that are sitting at home without their loved ones listening to these pieces of garbage say it’s a made-up crisis. It is not a made-up crisis.

RUSH: It is a crisis, and it isn’t made up. And there’s nothing factually incorrect about it. But these people don’t see it. They’re either too ignorant or too politicized or they’re too untroubled by it. I think a lot of it is just the poison of hatred. You know, hatred is a destructive emotion, thing, well, however you want to categorize it.

Hatred will destroy you. And these people have more of it than I could tolerate. And they do everything they can to spread it and infect other people with it. You say Gavin Newsom has no right. He was elected. He was elected. That’s why my question, which came first. Anyway, Ben, I’m glad you called. Great to have you out there.

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