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ATTEND: Funeral for Police Corporal Ronil Singh

New California State is in full support of the family of Newman, CA police officer Ronil Singh. Singh was murdered December 24, 2018, On January 1, 2019 New California State in tribute to Officer Singh read Grievance 49 in Newman's town square. Over 30 New Californians were there to pay tribute. Friday Officer Singh will be brought to Newman for the last time. We are inviting as many New Californians to join together at 11:00 am in the Newman town square to pay a final tribute Officer Singh.

The New California State movement is gathering peacefully at the Community Park 1329 Main Street in Newman, CA this Friday, January 4th at 11:00 am, after the procession and funeral of Police Corporal Ronil Singh. Please join us as we mourn the tragic loss of this brave and honorable young man. We request you wear your Yellow Vests to symbolize the resolve of the people that criminal illegal aliens are protected by unconstitutional Sanctuary City/State laws forced on the citizens without consent.

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