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The California communist governor the mono-party government along with their associates at the county and city levels are engaging in mass “taxation” fraud which is being implemented all over California. California has the most repressive and regressive taxes of any state in the union.

Every year as the mono-party legislature convenes for their 11 month legislative reign of terror over the United States Citizens living in California, Citizens, businesses, and industry know they’re going to be further oppressed by over taxation, fees, repressive regulations and court decisions which are stacked against their efforts to live their lives in freedom.

Completely dependent on which way the political winds are blowing and which way the money is flowing, the mono-party despotic government that holds California hostage routinely and historically is predisposed to take two opposite sides of the same issue, deciding in favor of what best serves their own interests rather than the interests of the citizens of this state. The party is about to end for the mono-party communist system of California’s repression. Over the years California has been able to move money around from one budge category to another to sustain over spending. Add in the out right theft from the education system, city and county governments by greedy legislators and their bureaucratic partners to fund programs for illegal foreign nationals as “prospective voters” have created a perfect storm where money is running out faster than the government can take it in.

The markets have now turned against the mono party that has run California into the ground and will soon bring the state to its financial knees. The tell tale signs of California’s financial crisis are all around. One notable indicator of their desperation is the futile attempt to tax text messages. This attempt was smacked down by the federal government. Another is the mounting evidence the state of California is failing to pay bills to vendors and suppliers of government services. Reports are surfacing these providers are either being slow or no paid for services rendered to the state.

In the months ahead the financial trouble for California will render the state ungovernable. In an article published in February of 2018 University of Tennessee law professor Glenn Harlan Reynolds sees the following scenario as a possibility not out of the question in the near future:

“In the summer of 2021, following the California financial crisis and CalPers pension collapse, public employee-supporting Democrats from the California General Assembly absented themselves from the state, preventing a quorum so that legislation slashing pension payouts could not be passed.

“That absence stretched from days into weeks, as the state government largely shut down for lack of funding. Seizing on this moment, 34 counties from the eastern and rural parts of what was then California organized themselves and sent representatives to Fresno, where those representatives declared themselves the new, official California General Assembly and designated individuals of their choice as the new, official governor and attorney general.

“The new legislature and officials were quickly recognized by President Donald Trump, who, citing his authority under the Insurrection Act and Article IV section 4 of the United States Constitution, deemed them the official government of the state, and sent federal troops from the 101st Airborne Division to Fresno to ensure that what he called ‘leftovers’ of the ‘old, failed state government’ were unable to ’cause trouble.’ President Trump’s recognition was echoed in a joint resolution of the Republican-controlled Congress, which perhaps anticipated the addition of two new Republican senators.”

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