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New California State Responds to Rural Fires

In response to the "Camp" fire in Butte County and the"Hill" and "Woolsey" fires in Ventura and Los Angeles Counties New California has deployed three distribution centers for supplies for those who are displaced. The centers in Butte County are in two locations one at the Walmart and the other at the old Sears building in the Chico mall. The third center will be set up Saturday afternoon around the Malibu area. When the exact location is announced we will make it known to the public.

New California State received numerous requests to assist in providing essential needs for people displaced by these major rural fires which are all occurring within the borders of the proposed new state. Essential needs include toiletries, blankets, socks and both adult and infant diapers.

Currently New California State has been receiving contributions from fellow New Californians. Over the week end will determine what additional needs and supplies will be needed.

To contribute or for more information please call (877) 828-2753.

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