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Water, Water Water! President Signs Water Memorandum & Bill.

President Trump signed two valuable documents that will change the the water issues of New California State. The first was the Presidential Memorandum to improve the streamlining of various federal regulations for water infrastructure. The signing of this memorandum stops the environmental activists in California and rest of the western states who have been wanting to stop water from reaching farmers and communities.

Comments from You Tube:

"Truth, Justice & Freedom1 week ago

I am speechless! Our POTUS is doing something soooo significant..The Agenda 21 is the reason these Evil people did NOT let the water in!...Jesus definately has his arms around our Greatest President EVER!!! Thank you so very much Mr. Greatest President! I love you!!

"gloryboundkev1 week ago

This is an amazing President turning around decades of corruption and mismanagement in spite of aggressive opposition".

President Trump Signs S.3021, 'America’s Water Infrastructure Act of 2018'

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