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Victor Davis Hanson - WTF Happened in California? New California is the Answer...

Professor Victor Davis Hanson offers an explanation as to why the once great state of California now dominates in poverty, high taxes, poor education, and low performance.

“Walls don’t work on the southern border but they sure work around your mansion or estate “ California, the liberal paradise"

From the transcript

Hanson:..."so all of a sudden California became a medieval society. It's like a keep, the coastal strip is the castle keep where the elite live and everybody else serves them and the middle class has fled. We have one third of all welfare recipients the United States, 20% of the state lives below the poverty line yet we have the most billionaires so it's a pre-modern and it's a post-modern society. When you pay taxes and you get schools that are 46 in the nation and infrastructure that Forbes rated 49 thank god for mrs. so the rest of the Arkansas I used to say that now it's California.

Tucker: So the rest of us and our viewers who don't live in California must be thinking okay but what does have to do with us should we be worried about this in the rest:

Hanson: "Yeah I think so because California gave us stagnation and Reagan Pete Wilson and it was sudden it flipped suddenly to a one-party state and that was this weird new combination of the Democratic Party it's a pyramidal Society were very wealthy America's wealthy people are left-wing now they're very ultra wealthy yes and then they have a subsidized poor on the on the bottom and that was the paradigm that over regulated over tax".....

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