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California Agricultural County Launches "New California" Independence Movement

Below is the Chinese EPOCH TIMES story that was run to over 20 million people this week. The story covered New California State's 2nd Constitutional Convention which was held October 5-6, 2018 in Irivine, CA.

[New Tang Dynasty, October 11, 2018] The California Democratic Party is dominant, and the policy is increasingly tilted to the left, causing resentment from conservative voters . Recently, the “ New California ” independence movement initiated by the Eastern California County of Agriculture has raised concerns. The initiators hope to establish a new state government that will focus on and uphold the demands of the local middle class .


On October 5th, people from all walks of life participating in the " New California " independence movement held a second constitutional conference in Irvine, Southern California, marking a further step forward. Unlike the recent referendum that promotes independence or splits California, the New California movement is based on the American Declaration of Independence and the Constitution granting ancient rights. Citizens submit complaints to the judicial authorities of different local counties, expressing that the government does not represent its own legitimate rights and interests. The position. "New California" independence movement sponsor and President Paul Preston: "We have just completed the first 37 weeks of the appeals (Grievance) process, these complaints express why we normal New Californians, we want to get rid of the dictatorship in the mono party system."

The movement advocates sponsor Inland agricultural counties in eastern California, as well as San Diego and Orange County, were established to form "New California", covering 51 counties in California, with a total population of 18 million. At present, the Democratic Party has an absolute advantage in the state of the state, the federal and other legislative levels. Participants pointed out that under the one-party singularity, the implementation of high welfare and large government supervision led to high taxes, prices, and housing prices, and the interests of the middle class were squeezed. At the same time, as a result of the protection of illegal immigrants, social security continues to deteriorate. The "New California" independence movement participated in Rochelle Conner: "The Democratic Party is not only about socialism but communism, but some actions are even fascism. They don't want to hear different opinions and suppress them." "New California" Independent sports participant Charlotte Thornton: "I stand up to participate in the New California Independence Movement, because I believe that if we don't stand up now, we will take back our rights and recapture what we have been given by the Constitution and the Fathers, or it will be too late. Unless you act now.” Writer Donald E. Wilson: “The United States is unique in that it guarantees how to maximize freedom and how to maximize individuals. It is up to the individual to decide how to live, and the government should not tell individuals how to live with him. life." During the Civil War, West Virginia’s successful independence from Virginia was the only example of a successful state split in US history. More than 100 years have passed, and "New California" requires special political conditions to succeed. The promoters pointed out that the current total debt of California and local governments reached 1.3 trillion US dollars, which is on the verge of closing. They hope to seize the opportunity at that time and reach a disengagement agreement by committing to share the debt. NTD reporter Nathan Su and Zhang Dehui interviewed in Irvine, California

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