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SF Climate Conference Protesters Attacking Gov. Brown’s Support for Oil

Protesters coming to the UN Global Climate Summit opening September 12 in San Francisco are planning to attack Gov. Brown for supporting continued use of oil.

As Co-Chair of the UN conference, Brown will host 800-social justice groups for the Opening Plenary session presentations claiming scientific proof that climate change is causing historic droughts, devastating wildfires, increasing frequency of torrential storms, extreme heat, the death of millions of trees, billions of dollars in property damage, and threats to human health and food supplies.

Gov. Jerry Brown told activists in July 2017 at the Global Citizen Festival in Hamburg, Germany: “It’s up to you and it’s up to me and tens of millions of other people to get it together to roll back the forces of carbonization and join together to combat the existential threat of climate change. That is why we’re having the Climate Action Summit in San Francisco, September 2018,” according to the New York Times.

But despite 40 years of leading the American movement to fight global warming and climate change, anti-oil protestors converging on the UN’s 3-day Bonn Climate Change Conference 2017 in November tried to shout down the California Governor off the stage for failing to be sufficiently be committed to their “Keep it in the Ground” campaign.

Brown roared back: “Keep it in the ground? Let’s put you in the ground.” Calmatters explained that the governor’s reply is an old admonition from the industry warning that suddenly stopping the flow of oil would be catastrophic for the public.

Brown has jetted off as America’s unofficial climate ambassador to Paris, China and Quebec to extol his record increasing cap and trade tax burdens, raised billions of dollars to fund high-speed rail, and is trying to force the U.S. auto industry to switch half its production to sustainable vehicles.

Brown organized the Summit’s coalition of cities, states, businesses, investors and civil society to continue to demand that under the political context of the Paris Agreement that CO2 emissions peak by 2020 and trend to a carbon neutral planet by 2050.

But many anti-oil activists are sarcastically referring to the UN event as a “McSummit” to shield Brown’s “hypocrisy” for being the governor of the 6th largest oil producing state. Although the Women’s Nobel Laureate organization sent a letter in August praising the governor’s past leadership, they demanded Brown to exercise “moral responsibility” and freeze fossil-fuel exploration in California.

A local GoFundMe campaign has already been launched across the Bay Area to fund deploying large numbers of activists to shame the governor at the San Francisco ‘Take Ambition to the Next Level’ on Wednesday under the threatening “Brown’s Last Chance” banner, according to Calmatters.

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