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Grievance 33

State of New California

Grievance 33

Statement of Facts

The people of California are suffering from a tyrannical communist state government which fails to provide a republican form of governance, enables and supports across it’s southern border the invasion of the United States of America by illegal foreign nationals and protects vicious criminals who commit outrageous acts of violence upon the Citizens of America. All caused by a government of and for a mono party system lead by a tyrannical dictator.

Declaration of Grievance

United States Constitution Article IV Section 4 States in part:

The United States shall guarantee to every state in this union a republican form of government, and shall protect each of them against invasion; and on application of the legislature, or of the executive (when the legislature cannot be convened) against domestic violence.

Failure of the government of California to provide a republican form of government

The communist California mono party “bi-cameral” legislature just closed session following an eleven-month reign of legislative terror upon the United States Citizens living in California. Passing some of the most oppressive and egregious laws in California history the mono party communists in the legislature colluded with a communist governor who is more than happy to sign law after law he knows will further oppress the United States Citizens living in California.

In 1964 the United States Supreme Court decided to eliminate representation of the rural communities in their decision of Reynolds vs. Sims. In 1966 the Citizens of California passed proposition 1-A which allowed the California legislature to become a full time legislature.

In 1986 the L.A. Times wrote:

December 21, 1986|Sherry Bebitch Jeffe | Sherry Bebitch Jeffe is director of the Study of State Legislative Leadership at USC's Institute of Politics and Government.

“In 1966, Prop. 1A was the constitutional amendment that began the “upgrading” of the California Legislature into a full-time, “professional” body. The notion was sold by then-Assembly Speaker Jess Unruh and others: By removing restrictions on meeting times and dramatically increasing legislative salaries–at the same time Unruh was moving to establish a professional legislative staff–the Legislature would become more independent of special interests and gubernatorial control. Legislators would have more time and expertise to evaluate bills and develop their own policy initiatives.

Voters bought that argument. But by establishing a full-time professional Legislature, California voters got something else in the bargain. The full-time professional lawmaker has become a full-time professional politician. Policy-making and enlightened legislation–the goals of prop. 1A and subsequent reforms–have become subordinate to simply staying in office.”

Fifty-two years later the effects of Prop. 1-A have blended with the 54 year old Reynolds vs. Sims decision to create a lethal combination that has destroyed the civil liberties and freedoms of all Citizens of the United States living in California. The rogue communist government of California has replaced a system inherited by the Natural Born and Naturalized United States Citizens of this state, of checks and balances and replaced it with a usurpious and revolutionary government by decree. The citizens in rural California have no representative power to avail themselves of the checks and balances designed to protect them and their posterity.

Today California stands on the brink of anarchy by a deliberate design to destroy the Union of States, sovereignty of the United States of America and Constitutional rights of Natural Born and Naturalized United States Citizens.

Utilizing Marxist-Leninist and Maoist revolutionary tactics the communist California governor, mono party system and local government officials support and celebrate these tactics as a means to introduce and subvert all aspects of California government and civil society in an attempt to destroy the State of California and breakdown the sovereignty of the Union of the United States of America.

Acts of Secession

Therefore the California communist government in conjunction with the communist state executive, instituted wherever the current communist governor has usurped power has created a reign of terror on United States Citizens living in California with the intent to secede from the United States of America and thus destroy the very Union of States which gives Us our Liberty and Freedom.

Abdication of Authority

Betrayal by the sitting communist governor of California the mono party legislature and local elected officials is evidence of abdication of their responsibilities of authority and sovereignty over the State and Citizens of the United States living in California.

This concludes these proceedings.

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