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 Valarie Espinoza, Copyright 2020

A California sheriff is vowing that his department will look the other way when it comes to enforcing a health order asking residents to wear face coverings in public during the coronavirus outbreak.


Valarie Espinoza, Copyright 2020

‘They are using coronavirus to upend safeguards to election integrity,’ says RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel discussing the GOP suing Gavin Newsom for his vote-by-mail executive order

California health officials on Tuesday released new crit...

The Legislature has authority to terminate the Gov. Newsom’s emergency powers

Under California’s state-of-emergency rules, on March 4, in response to the coronavirus pandemic, Gov. Gavin Newsom was the first governor to declare a state of emergency, elevating him to com...

May 26, 2020


Santa Barbara New Califonians reading Grievance 5 Chapter 2 May 26, 2020

New California is a new state in development exercising its Constitutional Right to form from the State of California. The process to form New California is authorized and cod...

Remember when Reading: 2 of 5 are in NY and NJ and 2 of 5 Are from Nursing Home

The Sunday New York Times used the front page to list hundreds of names of victims of the coronavirus.

The US is nearing the grim milestone of 100,000 coronavirus deaths since the pandemic re...

A pastor at Calvary Baptist Church in Baltimore, Maryland tore up a cease-and-desist order that he was issued during a sermon on Wednesday night, a report said.

Stacey Shiflett, who was threatened with a $5,000 fine if he continued to hold in-person services, tore up th...

May 23, 2020 reopen California rally in Sacramento. (Photo: Twitter)

On Saturday, an estimated 2,000 people protested the state lockdown outside the State Capitol Building in Sacramento, the first of many planned protests across the state during Memorial Day weekend.


May 24, 2020

To all the religious leaders of St. Catherine Church.

Today I walked down to St. Catherine Church in Morgan Hill for the 10:30 Sunday service and to receive Holy Communion.

The doors of the church were closed and locked.

Even though our President has just announced this w...

Assemblymen Kiley and Gallagher take issue with Newsom’s 39 Executive Orders, unilaterally changing 200 laws

‘This Resolution is meant to restore a proper balance between the legislative and executive branches.’

Monday an Oregon judge declared “null and void” the pandemi...

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